Millions of Africans Are Preparing to Migrate to the US or Europe Within Five Years

Italy: Carlo Jean, a military general and professor of Geopolitics at the Marconi University, says that military intervention by his country to deal with mass immigration from Libya already has become impossible. He says the only country that could intervene and make a difference is Egypt, but the cost would be too high. He believes that birth control is the only answer because, otherwise, by 2050, Nigeria will have more people than the European Union, and Africa will account for one-third of humanity. -GEG

Italian general and noted author Carlo Jean has dismissed the possibility of successful military action in Libya and warned that birth control measures need to be implemented to stop the massive future population growth in Africa.

General Jean, who currently serves as a professor of Geopolitics at the Marconi University in Rome, has claimed that Italian military intervention in the deteriorating situation in Libya would be “impossible”, Il Giornale reports.

Jean blamed French President Emmanuel Macron for destabilising the country saying that a summit Macron held in May excluded many local tribal leaders and led to tribal leaders thinking they would be “marginalised from access to wealth and moved against the centre of power”.

“It is known that there is no Libyan people but a group of tribes. Gaddafi himself, when he had problems, did not reunite the Council of the Revolution Command but that of the leaders of the tribes. Now, since France is the realm of rationality, it is unthinkable that it was an oversight,” he said.

When asked about potential Italian military support to calm the situation in Libya, Jean dismissed the idea saying the country would need at least 200,000 troops and that public opinion would turn against such an operation.

“Just see the trouble that the NGOs cause because we do not let migrants enter the ports. The only country that could intervene in Libya massively is Egypt, but in exchange for the oil fields of the Tibesti or, at least, the royalties of the exploitation of oil,” he said.

On the issue of mass migration from Africa, Jean said the answer to the problem was birth control.

“The hygiene measures and medicines we exported to Africa have extended life expectancy and infant mortality has plummeted. In the fifties, Africans were 200 million, now they are one billion and 200 million and, at the current conditions of growth, at the end of the century will be more than 4 billion,” he noted.

“If there is no demographic transition measure, they will be one-third of humanity. For example, Nigeria will have more people than the European Union in 2050. Then what do we do?” he said.

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[…] Millions of Africans Are Preparing to Migrate to the US or Europe Within Five Years […]


The one woman mentions her husband left with one of his other wives. This is a culture very different from western culture. And it doesn’t work in the west. I rather think that anyone coming from polygamous cultures need to be willing to live monogamously. I recall a few years ago seeing this being an issue in Canada where Muslims were coming in and wanting/expecting their polygamous lifestyle/culture and it was a real problem.

Tom Ball
Tom Ball

Do you think that the “intelligensia” who are behind this push for “multiculturalism” are really so dumb as to not be aware of these kinds of problems?
I think they know damned well what they’re doing! They just don’t think that they will ever be effected by it.


NO thanks, we have plenty now that we have to take care of…


My wife was out and a middle eastern man laid his hands on her an said something filthy. The President needs to stop all immigration until this situation is straightened out. They hold disrespectful views of women. We watched a PBS documentary last night about how Dayton Ohio died after NAFTA. That’s when the drug epidemic hit. All the trucks laden with drugs rolled from Mexico into the U.S. Why aren’t they building the wall? Legislators are forcing taxpayers to pay for addiction services instead of stopping the SOURCE of the drugs: the open border! Why isn’t every single American… Read more »

Tom Ball
Tom Ball

Why? Probably because so many of them are so doped up themselves. Or why do you think they are so susceptible to “Progressive” propaganda.
These people don’t have enough common sense to know what’s good for them.
By the time they’ve learned their lesson, it will be too late.

The question I am asking is why aren’t all the white men in this country arming and organizing?

Tom Ball
Tom Ball

They need Dr Paul Erlich to preach them a sermon on the population bomb.