Illegal Aliens Stole 39-Million Social-Security Numbers as a Result of Obama-Era Decision

According to a new report, illegal aliens have stolen 39-million Social-Security numbers which now are being used to work in the US. The Immigration Reform Law Institute says the issue stems from an executive order issued by Obama that stopped notification to employers if their workers’ identities didn’t match up with the Social-Security number on the workers’ W-2 tax forms. Former federal prosecutor, Sidney Powell, says that Trump could reverse the executive order any time he wants to re-start issuing notices to employers and resume prosecuting violators, but has not done so. -GEG


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The vaccine nanoparticles were similar to burnt waste and “they should not be present in any injectable medicament, let alone in vaccines, more in particular those meant for infants.” [The startling significance of this finding is that these vaccines are not medicines to protect health but bioweapons to cause illness.]


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I’m starting to have doubts about Trump. He’s not changing things – he’s all talk. Is he illuminati? Why did pictures surface of him playing golf with Clintons? Why is he shown throwing satanic hand signs?

I hope I’m wrong. I voted for Trump but am now disillusioned.