German Press Invented Story that ‘Neo-Nazis’ Were Hunting Migrants


Several weeks ago, a German man was stabbed to death by a group of migrants in Chemnitz, in eastern Germany, which triggered protests against mass immigration and migrant crime.  A march was blocked by Antifa, and the confrontation had to be broken up.  A video was posted online showing a local man chasing a migrant and yelling slurs at him.  Angela Merkel, along with other leftist politicians and the international media, used this video to condemn demonstrators as racists and Nazis.  They characterized the protest as the “Chemnitz Hunt” on migrants, and called for leftists to rally in opposition.  Locals say the man who was chased had spat upon the site of the murder and insulted the German townfolk.  Hans-Georg Maaben, President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, exposed the false claims against Chemnitz protesters and said that the lie about hunting down migrants served the purpose of distracting attention from the murder. -GEG

Germany’s establishment clearly attempts to hide the truth about two men killed in Chemnitz and Köthen

Daniel H, a 35-year-old German citizen with Cuban roots, was tragically stabbed to death by a group of around 10 people from migrant backgrounds, according to witnesses.

Three people have already been identified. Two of them are Iraqis, one is Syrian. Two should have been deported already.

People in Chemnitz, the Alternative for Germany party, and Pegida called for demonstrations and a silent march to honour the victim, as well as other victims of migrant violence and crime. The march itself was peaceful and protesters were seen marching with portraits of people slain by migrants.

Antifa showed up and blocked the march, a clear violation of German law, but the police did not attempt to move the crowd, and the march had to be broken up later on.

Although the solemn reasons for the march, the event took place peacefully despite the tensions. Many individuals decided to stay in defiance of what they perceived as yet another failure by the state to defend their rights and security as a people. There were, however, reports of separate violent incidents by the police later on.

A video was also posted online in which a local man can be seen chasing another man, who appears to be a migrant, for roughly 3 seconds, while yelling slurs at him.

This, coupled with interviews by Antifa members, were used by the media to turn the event into what the national and even international media called, the “Chemnitz Hunt” on migrants.

People from Chemnitz claimed the man had insulted and spat on the spot where Daniel H. was stabbed to death. Individual reports believe the man to have said words along the lines of “Fuck Germans” or “Shitty Germans”.

Freie Presse, the sole local media corporation in attendance at the event, have come out in defence of Chemnitz, saying nothing resembling a “hunt” took place. The AG office of Saxony further backed up the claims made by the media outlet, reiterating there was no proof of any ‘hunts’ taking place.

However, Merkel and her spokesperson Steffen Seibert saw an opportunity to label Chemnitz and the AfD as Nazis and jumped on it. Even Maaßen the President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution was forced to come out in defence of Chemnitz after their false claims. He made the following statements:

“There is no evidence that the interview on the Internet about this alleged incident is authentic. After my cautious assessment, there are good reasons that it is targeted misinformation in order to possibly distract the public from the murder in Chemnitz.”

After making those statements, he has been under constant attack by all left-wing parties, the CDU, as well as the media. He might very well lose his position now for speaking out. Instead of proving their claims about “hunts on migrants” high ranking members of the CDU and SPD have demanded proof of the contrary from him and even called for his resignation.

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