Four Congressmen, Including Pelosi and Schumer, Confirm in Writing that there Is an Agreement among Intelligence Officials To Withhold Info From the President

Wikipedia/ The Conservative Treehouse
On Monday, President Trump demanded that documents related to the Russia probe be declassified. In response, Democrat Congressmen, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and Mark Warner, who are on the Intelligence Oversight Committee, sent a letter to top intelligence leaders reminding them that they had agreed they “would not provide the White House or any of the President’s attorneys with access to sensitive information briefed to a small group of designated Members.” In other words, these intelligence officials who are part of the Executive Branch, which is subject to the authority of the President, agreed to withhold information from their boss. [If the President runs true to form, he will do nothing about this. He may not even mention it.] -GEG

I’ve probably reviewed thousands of congressional letters, and intelligence committee letters from oversight, along with even more executive agency responses.  In fact, CTH has shared hundreds of outlines covering granular details within many of the internal memos and correspondences.  However, I have never seen anything like this before.

The combination of arrogance, hubris and desperation within a letter (pdf here) from the four Democrats on the intelligence oversight Gang of Eight, is palpable even in text format.

Legislative branch members: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Mark Warner write a letter today to Director  of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, demanding the executive branch cabinet members withhold information from the White House.

Perhaps more stunningly, and extra-constitutionally (meaning outside the framework of constitutional separation of power), within the jaw-dropping letter the four Democrats outline previous verbal conversations and current agreements with Coats, Rosenstein and Wray where the Cabinet officers agreed to keep information away from the White House Chief Executive, the President.

That third paragraph is particularly interesting: …”the verbal assurance you provided us that DOJ and FBI would not provide the White House“…

Why would the Trump DOJ and FBI be giving Pelosi Inc. “assurances” of their intent to withhold intelligence from the White House (Office of the President).

Why would Rosenstein and Wray be giving “assurances”? I digress.

Read full article here…

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Something is wrong. Why is Trump acting like he’s not the President? He complains he has no funding for the wall but doesn’t use the military as foreigners stream across the border. The women are all pregnant which means we’ll end up supporting them. I went to apply for SSD that I had paid into and a foreign judge denied me, yet the office was packed with immigrants getting welfare. Two hospital administrators told me that Americans who have paid into the system their entire lives are being denied basic needs while illegals and immigrants got everything paid for. Something… Read more »


“If the President runs true to form, he will do nothing about this. He may not even mention it.”
Really Ed?? We have basically one guy – Donald Trump – opposing an entire swamp of indescribably corrupt and evil people. I think that to this point POTUS has made incredible progress. I am very hopeful about where he is taking this.