Automated Blimp Drones Are the Future of Policing and Emergency Services with “Eyes in the Skies”

Police have new technology, autonomous helium-filled drone blimps, that are reportedly operating in trials from London to New York. The blimps, equipped with cameras, are able to reach remote areas, enter risky places, can land on water, operate 24 hours a day, are virtually silent, and have a range of 300 miles.
And these ‘eyes in the skies’ are reportedly on trial in cities ranging from London to New York.Developed by Avalon Airships, the incredible zero emission EOS blimps use fully electric drivetrains, while their streamlined hybrid design allows them to travel silently at high speeds for long periods.

The ability to land on water allows these helium-filled leviathans to reach even the most remote destinations in record time.

And the fully autonomous onboard technology allows the EOS to operate 24 hours a day with minimal downtime at low cost.

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Joe H.

People better wake up – this technology is going to be abused. I did cameras for state police barracks and the troopers in NJ pointed the high powered cameras at women across the street. The cameras can zoom in on a freckle so women better shut the blinds to the ladies room.