US State Department Endorses South Africa’s Plan To Legalize Stealing Land from Farmers Based on Skin Color

SA President Cyril Ramamphosa, Wiki
Tucker Carlson reports that President Ramaphosa of South Africa is seeking to change the country’s constitution to legalize the expropriation of land from white farmers because of their skin color. Fox News called the US State Department for comment and received a reply that sounds like it was written by the South African government itself: “South Africa is a strong democracy with resilient institutions, including a free press and an independent judiciary. South Africans are grappling with the difficult issue of land reform through an open process including public hearings, broad-based consultations, and active civil-society engagement. President Ramaphosa has pledged that the land reform process will follow the rule of law, and its implementation will not adversely affect economic growth, agricultural production, or food security.” Tucker Carlson’s response exposes the falsehoods embedded in this statement. -GEG

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Robert H. Burt
Robert H. Burt

And we know this is O.K. with us, because we do nothing to stop it.


I wonder how the white farmers got possession of the land in South Africa in the first place. British and Dutch colonizers took the land by using unjust laws, brutality and forced removal similar to American Indians removal from their land.


Wise Decision. Practically speaking, I don’t think this is so much based on “skin color”, as it is the Whites there own 72% of the Farm land and are a laughable minority. Their cruel and inhumane history in said country does nothing lighten that reality either.

Needless to say in an African country that percentage of control is kinda sorta unacceptable. Redistribution is obvious. I do hope that this issue is handled with as little bloodshed as possible, and that the Whites comply or find shelter elsewhere. Prayers are being sent for sure.