New Animal Study Shows Link Between Vaccine Ingredient and Autistic Social Behavior


The number of vaccines has increased to a staggering 27 injections in the first two years of a baby’s life, and many natural health experts assert that vaccine ingredients play a role in the rising rates of autism. A new study from Canada shows that exposure to aluminum, a common vaccine additive used to enhance the immune response, is linked with autism-like anti-social behavior in young mice. Aluminum that is injected is absorbed almost 100% and it circulates throughout the body and accumulates in the brain, organs and joints – where it can remain for years, causing many health problems.

Naturalhealth365) In the first two years of life, babies typically receive a staggering 27 injections as part of the routine pediatric vaccination schedule. As rates of autism spectrum disorder have skyrocketed over the past few decades, many natural health experts have steadfastly asserted that these vaccines – or, more precisely, vaccine ingredients – play a role.

Now, a groundbreaking Canadian study shows that exposure to aluminum, a common vaccine additive used to enhance the immune response, is linked with autism-like behavior in young mice.

Although other studies have linked abnormal behaviors with aluminum given shortly after birth, this study is the first to examine the effects of the vaccine ingredient on specific social behaviors. This is significant, because having difficulty with social behavior is a core symptom of autism spectrum disorder.

Common vaccine ingredients are NOT so ‘harmless’

In the study, conducted by scientists from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver and published in Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, newborn mice were injected with aluminum hydroxide gel at dosages that correspond to what infants typically receive when following the recommended vaccination schedule.

The young mice were then given behavioral tests at 8 weeks, 17 weeks and 29 weeks.

The researchers noted that the injected mice showed decreased social interest in other mice and decreased social novelty behavior – measured by willingness to meet and interact with unfamiliar mice.

Experts say that children who go on to develop autism have a difficult time engaging in normal human interactions, and may avoid social novelty.

With rodents, as well, the corroboration exists. Mice with autism-like behavior prefer familiarity – while healthy mice prefer social novelty over familiarity.

Although the researchers cautioned that the study didn’t prove that aluminum causes increased autism risk in humans, the findings are still legitimately disturbing.

Toxic potential of aluminum varies according to the route of administration

Disturbingly, this neurotoxic metal is also found in many foods – including infant formulas. But some experts say that the harm is somewhat attenuated – as aluminum ingested orally can be excreted by the kidneys and through sweating.

According to World Mercury Project (WMP), a non-profit group dedicated to reducing exposure to all sources of mercury and other heavy metals, only about 0.25 percent of orally ingested aluminum ends up getting absorbed into blood.

This is not the case with intramuscular injection, where almost 100 percent of the aluminum is absorbed. It then circulates throughout the body and accumulates in the brain, organs and joints – where it can remain for years.

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Wikipedia spoke ill of Ben Swann for raising the Vaccine/Autism issue…I edited the matter and the edit was removed

john gordon
john gordon

My dad died form side effects of Althzimers in 1983. He requested, when he still had his ability to think, that any research be done on his body that might help stop our family from suffering another “infection” of this disease. They sent his brain to somewhere near San Diego and the report was that his brain was overrun with aluminum. Flue shots contain Thymersal which is methol mercury, which is related to aluminum. Nuff said.


It has been known at least since the early 80’s that aluminum is found at the center of the brain ‘bundles’ associated with Alzheimer’s, which was the basis for confirmation of Alzheimer’s by autopsy – the only way it was confirmed. As a student of chemistry at the time, my deduction was that the bundles formed around the toxic aluminum to isolate it from and protect the brain. Within the last two years, I’ve run across ‘scientific’ speculation that copper is the causal culprit of Alzheimer’s. Huh? Where have these guys been? Being one of our electrolytes, the body knows… Read more »