Ooops! David Hogg Stages Protest at Pro-NRA Supermarket that Responds by Canceling All Donations, Including to Gun-Control Advocates

David Hogg, 'Die-In' protest, Youtube
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Florida: David Hogg, the student activist who emerged from the Parkland high-school shooting, organized a “die-in” at a Publix supermarket over its donations to a Republican candidate running for governor who was supported by the NRA. The market chain responded by canceling all political donations, including those to organizations that fund Planned Parenthood and gun control. -GEG

When David Hogg organized a die-in at a Publix supermarket over their donations to an NRA-supported candidate, he caused them to cancel all political donations — including to organizations that fund Planned Parenthood.

Publix issued a statement on Friday saying that it will “suspend corporate-funded political contributions as we reevaluate our giving processes.”

Twitter users quickly found a list of the causes that Publix had been supporting — and the Democratic Party can’t be happy about it.

Publix was contributing to the YMCA, who is a member of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, the YWCA who supports LGBT causes, United Way chapters that have funded Planned Parenthood, as well as March of Dimes and Susan G. Koman — both of which continue to fund the controversial clinics.

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Don C
Don C
4 years ago

I think we will soon find out (as will David Hogg) that this behavior and spotlight will very soon become addictive — with his doing more and more stuff of error, just to remain in the spotlight. We’re in for a long haul with this kid’s increasing lunacy, which is following the misguided philosophy that it’s better to be stupid-popular than not popular at all. And, go Publix! As a local to them, I have to say, this is singularly the most intelligent, well run company I have ever seen. Read an article on them once in local business trade… Read more »

4 years ago

And the boy with the guitar-pick face gets a visit from the bus of unintended consequences. Nothing seems to go right for the left these days.