Federal Judge Releases Illegal Alien After Ramming Car into Daycare Center

Marion County, Indiana: A federal judge, appointed by Ronald Reagan, released an illegal alien from Mexico, Juana Loa-Nunez, who was charged with ramming a car into a church daycare center and fleeing the scene. A teacher sustained a broken leg. Nunez has no drivers license. She was released on only $250 bail and has disappeared. The judge ordered the release, because ICE failed to provide a criminal warrant or a criminal probable cause affidavit for the County to detain undocumented individuals. This is not required for American citizens or legal immigrants. Only illegals benefit from this rule. -GEG

A federal judge released an illegal alien who has now disappeared after being taken into custody for allegedly ramming a car into a daycare center, causing serious injuries to a teacher.

Juana Loa-Nunez was arrested on May 7 after she allegedly crashed her car into an Indiana church daycare center and then fled the scene, WTHR Channel 13 reported.

One teacher, Jessica Parks, was hit during the accident and suffered a broken leg and other injuries.

Loa-Nunez is reportedly an illegal alien who has no driver’s license. She was arrested by the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, but by Friday, authorities released the suspect from jail without notifying U.S. immigration officials. The suspect has since disappeared, authorities said.

The sheriff’s department was severely criticized by Ricardo Wong, head of the ICE Chicago field office, who called the release “brazen.”

“Without any regard for the safety of its citizens, on May 10,” Wong wrote in a press release, “Marion County brazenly ignored an immigration detainer and released a Mexican woman from its jail without first notifying ICE.”

“Marion County allowed this woman to go free, and she continues to be a danger to anyone else who happens to be on the same road she drives,” Wong pointedly added.

But Marion County sheriffs deflected the criticism by saying a federal judge ordered them to release the suspect.

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