South Africa: Racial Tension Is Causing White Genocide and the Death of Farmlands

Lauren Southern recently visited South Africa in the midst of a severe drought where some areas have not had rain for four years. Cape Town is expected to run out of water in a matter of weeks, and farming has ceased. Racial tension is compounding the problem. The communist government has imposed a program called Black Economic Empowerment, which limits white employment to no more than eight percent of the workforce to reflect the white pro-rata share of the overall population – in spite of the fact that these workers have the skills that are needed for economic development. As a result, white engineers and skilled craftsmen have been laid off. In the name of racial equality, the government has doomed the economy to decline even further. This is resulting in a lowering living standard for blacks even more than for whites. Cape Town is expected to run out of water in just a few more weeks, but the technicians with the best chance of preventing that have been terminated because of the color of their skin. -GEG

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2 years ago

So. The white South African farmers are in effect totally in agreement with their own genocide. What other interpretation of their inaction can there be?

4 months ago
Reply to  rrrr

i didnt hear any “inaction” but the telling of the current policy that has placed limits o these people.

2 years ago

This is another example of CONQUEST BY INTRIGUE, something the CIA is expert at doing. Nothing has changed today compared to the ancient warring states. The only different is APPEARANCES, which are peddled by a much better PROPAGANDA MACHINE, designed to keep the sheeple believing they’re in the right when their public officials and administrative government conquers the world for COMMERCIAL purposes (= commit mass murder and mass destruction). “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” I’d like to see these criminals build a kingdom that lasts like God promises that JC will do when he makes… Read more »

Tom Ball
Tom Ball
1 year ago
Reply to  Chris

The CIA is only an extension of the Jewish arm of the Zionist Occupational Government which assumed power post 9/11.
To speak of this transition of power within the CIA or FBI would result in “career suicide” if not an ACTUAL “suicide”.

Tom Ball
Tom Ball
1 year ago

It is worth noting that it was US Jews who led the BOYCOTTs and SANCTIONS against South Africa years ago which led to this current situation. It is also worth noting that these same Jews have already succeeded in passing legislation in some states which makes it ILLEGAL to BOYCOTT ISRAEL and are working on the rest. It is interesting as well that any attempt to even write the words “BOYCOTT ISRAEL” on Facebook and elsewhere will result in not being able to post at all! Apparently in this Norwellian Jew World Order what is sauce for the goose is… Read more »