Professor at Jesuit College of the Holy Cross Teaches that Jesus Was a ‘Drag King’

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Massachusetts: The College of the Holy Cross, a Catholic school run by Jesuits, appointed Professor Tat-Siong Benny Liew as the Chair of New Testament Studies. He now is teaching students that Jesus was a “drag king”, which is defined as a female performer who acts masculine. Liew says that Jesus had homoerotic tendencies and that his relationship with God is sexual and masochistic in nature. [Don’t forget that Professor Liew was chosen to be Chair of the New Testament because the leadership of the college approves of his message. Therefore, the source of the problem is much deeper than Liew himself.] -GEG

The theology program at the Jesuit-run College of the Holy Cross has taken on a new tone ever since the school appointed a gender-obsessed Chair of New Testament Studies who claims Jesus was a “drag king,” a new article contends.

Writing for The Fenwick Review, Elinor Reilly of the Holy Cross class of 2018 argues in a March 26 article that Professor Tat-Siong Benny Liew’s “unconventional readings of Scripture” have brought “a new theological perspective to Holy Cross.”

Letting the facts speak for themselves, Ms. Reilly suggests that “the centrality of sex and gender to his way of thinking about the New Testament” significantly colors the way that Professor Liew presents Jesus Christ to students at the Catholic College.

In a remarkable re-reading of the Bible, Professor Liew has argued that Jesus is not only “king of Israel” and “king of the Jews,” but “also a drag king,” as presented in the New Testament Gospel of John.

Saint John’s constant references to Jesus wanting water, giving water, and leaking water “speak to Jesus’ gender indeterminacy and hence his cross-dressing and other queer desires,” Liew contends.

 Reading everything through the lens of gender, Professor Liew finds sex in the most unlikely places in the life of Jesus. The episode of Jesus washing the apostles’ feet at the Last Supper, for example, is “suggestive,” like “a literary striptease,” and “even seductive,” because it “shows and withholds at the same time,” he claims.

Liew’s sexualization of the sacred Christian texts goes beyond the reinterpretation of actions and extends to gender identity as well. For instance, Liew stated that in his Gospel, Saint John makes very clear that Jesus is a Jew but he is less clear about “whether Jesus is a biological male.”

In passages that would be considered blasphemous to devout Christians, Liew eroticizes Jesus’ relationship to his disciples and even to God the Father, proposing that “Jesus himself needs others to cum with the Father.”

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David James
David James
4 years ago

These sexual perverts inside the Catholic church shall be denied entrance into the eternal Kingdom of our Lord God, obviously, since they reject Jesus Christ as the ONLY begotten Son of God, who is from everlasting, and who became a man for the exclusive purpose of dying/ paying for the sins of the world, that whosoever believes on/ receives Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Obviously, since one has to accept the free gift of everlasting life, through faith in Jesus as their savior, these mockers & demonic teachers have nothing to do with “believing” This perfect, saving… Read more »

Sovereign Mary
Sovereign Mary
4 years ago

Pope Francis is a Jesuit, which explains his often convoluted beliefs and pronouncements.
St. Francis of Assisi who founded the Franciscan Order was not a Jesuit.

Sovereign Mary
Sovereign Mary
4 years ago

I am a practicing Roman Catholic, and therefore I am one of many who knows that just because this Pope and some of the Catholic clergy banter about some ridiculous personal Liberal-Socialist opinions that it does not mean I or any other Catholic has to follow or swallow what they may think or state.
Their opinions are not by any means the Catholic Church’s doctrines. Neither the church members or other clergy are bound to hold to and believe such utter nonsense.

4 years ago

The message here is the Catlik church is on the same team as the criminal syndicate that runs the world. These are the same people who created and run America’s corrupt social institutions of corporate slavery.

Rome follows LOMBARD LAW, which was authored by the Talmudic MERCHANT JEW, aka: today’s Bankers. All the industrialized nations follow the same TALMUDIC LAW. For Italy and Germany, it’s LOMBARD LAW. For England, it’s LAW OF THE EXCHEQUER. For France, it’s FRANKISH LAW. For Spain it’s the same, as popularized by R. Barzillai.