New Jersey Teacher Suspended and Given Psychological Exam for Supporting Armed Teachers

Timothy Lock, Yearbook photo
A New Jersey high school teacher, Timothy Lock, 59, was placed on administrative leave last week because he said in one of his classes that he supported the idea of arming teachers and increasing school security against school shootings. One of the students reported him to the administration, after which his bag was searched and he was forced to undergo a psychological exam. -GEG

History teacher Timothy Lock said he supported teachers being armed.

For that, he was suspended.

From Daily Caller:

A New Jersey high school teacher has been suspended from his job for expressing support for arming teachers after the Parkland school shooting.

Cherry Hill High School history teacher Timothy Lock, 59, said he was placed on administrative leave last week because he spoke out in one of his classes about arming teachers and ramping up school security to try and prevent a school shooting.

Most of the students reportedly didn’t have a problem with Lock’s comments, but one decided to report him to the administration. His bag was searched and he was required to undergo a physical and psychological exam.

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When I lived in NJ ‘back in the day’, it was one of the nation’s best 2A states. You ‘registered’ your arms (not that I agree w/that, but anyways …) at the state troopers barracks, and they were really cool about it. But when Jim Florio came to the throne, everything went into the toilet. Maybe that’s why we call the toilet the “throne”? Haha. Anyways, what needs to happen is teachers need to be trained and armed, so that when this kind of thing happens again, they can take a stand and shoot-down the gunmen. THEN THEY CAN UNMASK… Read more »

Sovereign Mary
Sovereign Mary

Hey Comrade – We have our ways to make sure that you march in lockstep