Italy: 2018 Elections Will Shape the Future of the EU and Mass Immigration

A new poll suggests that Italy would vote to leave the EU if given a referendum vote. The country is $2.7-trillion in debt and struggles with high unemployment and low growth. Its tottering banks hold $220-billion in bad loans. Italy has a population of nearly 61 million people and, since 2014, has absorbed more than 600,000 migrants, many from hostile cultures. This has led to a rise in right-wing politics and promises to end the EU’s migration policies and to deport migrants. Violent crime has been a hallmark of the forced immigration policy, which hit a tipping point when 18-year old Pamela Mastropietro was killed by Nigerian migrants and may have been cannibalized. In response, Luca Traini went on a shooting spree randomly targeting black people, and he is being lauded as a hero. The stage is set for violent change and possibly martial law, which is the globalist endgame. -GEG

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