DC School Employee Doxxed by Antifa, Placed on Administrative Leave For Supporting Trump


A senior manager of finance for the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board was placed on administrative leave with his job threatened after he was doxxed by Antifa as a Trump supporter.  John Goldman (aka Jack Murphy online), was targeted by Lacy MacAuley, one of the informal leaders of DC Antifa.  MacAuley contacted Murphy’s employer and claimed that he was a white supremacist, even though he opposes the alt-right and has never given any reason for the charge of racism. The Democrat-turned-Trump supporter says he is going to take legal action against MacAuley, “not just to defend myself, but for the movement.” -GEG

A District of Columbia Public Charter School Board employee has been placed on administrative leave with his job threatened after he was doxed by Antifa as a Trump supporter.

John Goldman, better known online as Jack Murphy, inadvertently became the subject of controversy when a photo was leaked last week of several right-wing personalities, including myself, and Chelsea Manning. Outraged that their hero was mingling with the right, members of DC Antifa began to dox everyone who appeared in the photograph.

The far-left harassers, provoked by Lacy MacAuley, one of the informal leaders of DC Antifa, then began contacting Murphy’s employer and claiming that he was a white supremacist. They used a photo of Murphy in the same shot as Richard Spencer — but ignored that he has been an open critic of the white nationalist and several left-wing reporters witnessed them almost come to blows during an event last year.

“I 100% deny any association, affiliation with, or support of the alt-right, Richard Spencer, racism, fascism, or anything else other than a liberal Democracy where each citizen has equal protection under the law,” Murphy wrote about the incident on his personal website.

“Rosie Gray of the Atlantic, Oliver Darcy then of the Business Insider, and Andrew Marantz of the New Yorker all witnessed my altercation with Spencer,” he wrote. “I don’t just disavow Richard Spencer, I’ve openly fought him.”

Murphy’s battle with the alt-right was even covered by the New Yorker.

Despite this confirmation that she was spreading a false narrative, MacAuley continued to double down on the libel of Murphy by using out of context posts and tweets where he commented on issues like feminism and immigration.

“The latest is that Lacy MacAuley went after me, not only did she send it out, but lots of people retweeted, echoed and restated,” Murphy told The Gateway Pundit, adding that liberal media also picked up on the smear. “The school put me on administrative leave and I haven’t really heard anything sense. Nothing has been resolved.”

The Democrat-turned-Deplorable added that he is considering legal action against MacAuley, “not just to defend myself, but for the movement.”

“I hope to put a chill on Antifa and their supporters thinking that they can just going around ruining people’s lives. Somebody has to take a stand — and I’m going to be that person,” Murphy added.

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