Pro-Communist Antifa Member Hit by Truck While Protesting a Christian Rally

December 26, 2017 Daily Caller 6

Portland: An activist with the Antifa movement, was hit by a truck Saturday when he ran into traffic, as confirmed by video. He was protesting against an event called “March for Jesus”. In this video, he is seen referring to a Christian flag as a “white supremacist symbol.” The driver of the truck was not connected with the event.


US Slightly Reduces Taxpayer-Funded Subsidy to the UN after Jerusalem Rebuke

December 26, 2017 ZeroHedge 1

The $285 million reduction in subsidies is political theater, especially in view of the fact that the US State Department and Military routinely make special payments and grants to the UN for specific purposes. This allows the administration to appear to be taking a strong stance while doing essentially nothing of significance. Even President Trump was compelled to say that the recent cuts were merely a step in the right direction. We will be greatly surprised if there are additional steps.


Did Trump’s Tax Cut Bill Repeal Obamacare?

December 26, 2017 Breitbart 1

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act repealed the individual mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act that requires people who reject the insurance to pay a penalty of $695 or 2.5% of their income. However, Obamacare is still in effect and requires employers with businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to pay for their full-time employees health insurance, regardless of the cost. This is forcing many employers to reduce the number of full-time employees or go out of business altogether.


Google Bigwig Resigns Amid Rumors His Personal Life Is Under Scrutiny

December 25, 2017 NY Post 0

In a surprise move, former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, is stepping down as executive chairman of the search giant’s parent company Alphabet amid reports that his personal life is being scrutinized. He says he will remain with the company as a technical advisor. An unnamed source said that the move would allow him to have a more “hands-on role” in developing artificial intelligence for defense.


France Deploys 91,000 Troops to Protect Against Muslim Terrorism over Christmas

December 25, 2017 The Local 0

The French government has confirmed that 91,000 police, military police, and soldiers will be on duty over the Christmas weekend, guarding churches against jihad attacks. Some churches will have volunteer security guards who will search people and keep watch over suspicious vehicles. The mayor of the town of Cannes has decided to bring in armed security guards to patrol at churches over the Christmas period.


Pope Francis Calls on Europe to Take More Migrants, Compares Them to ‘Joseph and Mary’

December 25, 2017 Gateway Pundit 0

Pope Francis urged the world’s 1.3-billion Catholics not to ignore the plight of migrants and compared them with Joseph and Mary, but failed to mention that Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem to register for a government census. They were not refugees. King Herod issued a decree to kill all the newborn male children because he heard that the Messiah had been born and wanted to exterminate competition for power. Joseph and Mary escaped to Egypt, which was also part of the Roman empire. Their stay was only temporary, and they returned to Nazareth when it was safe.


Canada Reports That Santa Has Fled the North Pole Because of Global Warming

December 25, 2017 Daily Wire 2

The Canadian government reports that the North Pole has melted due to climate change and that Santa has to relocate to the South Pole. The report was posted on a website, Weak Signals, that is managed by the Canadian government. Santa’s international relocation agreement will pave the way for a future global warming refugee Visa system for individuals and corporations to relocate.