Another Racist Hoax Uncovered in the Military

Marquie Little, a black US ​Navy sailor on the George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier, claimed to be the target of racial slurs written on his bed, but later it was learned that Little had staged the slurs against himself.  Little ​was not punished for this action but, instead, received counseling. Even though the crew had nothing to do with Little’s attack against himself, they, also, have been forced to undergo sensitivity training against racism. -GEG

A black sailor who claimed to be the target of racial slurs written on his bed actually staged the entire incident against himself, the Navy announced Friday.

Marquie Little first posted the pictures of the racial graffiti to Facebook on Nov. 15, stating, “I proudly serve the Navy and this is what I’m receiving in return,” but it turns out that Little himself drew the racial slurs, Navy Times reports.

Even though the Navy has exposed the incident as fake, the service nevertheless held training to emphasize that racism is not acceptable.

Navy Cmdr. Dave Hecht, who is a spokesman for Naval Air Force Atlantic, stated Friday that Little’s account was shot through with inconsistencies.

 “A NCIS-supported command investigation following claims of racially-motivated vandalism aboard the (carrier) has determined that the alleged victim staged the incident himself,” Hecht told Navy Times.

“The United States Navy does not tolerate racial discrimination of any form and the well-being of our Sailors is our top priority,” Hecht added.

According to Hecht, the sailor, who serves aboard the carrier George H.W. Bush, was not being charged with a crime. Instead, the sailor received “administrative actions” and more training and counseling. He will continue with his regular duties.

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