Barack Obama Helped to Implement Uranium One Deal

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission authorized a third-party license to allow Uranium One to export the substance to Canada through a back door channel. Uranium One reported that some of that uranium went to Europe and possibly Asia. The US sold off shares of uranium even though we use more than we produce, forcing the US to import it. Former President Barack Obama intervened in the process to obtain a permit for a trucking company to export US uranium. Meanwhile, Russia was involved in a scheme to control the market on uranium. All of this and more covered in this report. -GEG


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COVID: Here Come the Antibody Tests — Quick, Easy, and Insane

April 6, 2020 Jon Pappoport 0

The US FDA has approved a new test to detect COVID-19. The blood test detects antibodies to the virus rather than the virus itself. Neither the false positives nor the genuine positives will be a measure of risk but, none the less, they will be used as proof that the ‘deadly’ pandemic is spreading.


End the Shutdown, Says Dr. Ron Paul

The Mises Institute article states: “Neither the Trump administration nor Congress has the legal authority to shut down American life absent at least baseline due process.” Ron Paul says the pandemic is being used by politicians to spend money with wild abandon and to take away civil liberties.


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Ed LaPinskas

That anti-American dog must be placed under arest for crimes of treason. If he is never imprisoned then you KNOW the swamp has NEVER been drained.