US Military Document Reveals Plan To Stage False-Flag Attack on America And Blame It on Another Country As Excuse to Start War

The Operation Northwoods document, recorded by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, proves that the US government planned major false flag events with large numbers of complicit people who lie in order to achieve a political objective.  It provides details on government schemes to sabotage ships and planes, create the illusion of casualties, stage riots and actually sinking a boatload of refugees, “real or simulated”, meaning that they are willing to kill real people to achieve their goals.  Remember that it is legal to use propaganda against US citizens.

Operation Northwoods is the name of a military document, signed by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, that was a plan to stage a false-flag attack on US military instalations and to shoot down a drone that was painted to look like an American airliner and do it in such a way that it would appear that it was done by Cuba. The purpose was to create sufficient public outrage to support a US military attack, supposedly in retaliation. Although the plan was not put into opeartion, it was approved and was ready to be implemented when ‘needed’. [Something very much like this actually did happen on 9/11.]

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Bill Ewing
Bill Ewing
2 years ago

Anyone remember the Gulf of Tonkin?

US Military Document Reveals Plan To Stage False-Flag Attack on America And Blame It on Another Country As Excuse to Start War | Tales from the Conspiratum
2 years ago

[…] CIA Officer: ‘Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack‘ Sources:; […]

capt fast
capt fast
10 months ago

you don’t need to go to 9/11 to find evidence of the plan’s usage. Go back to the mortar attack on the USAF assets in Viet Nan in early 1960’s where B-57 bombers based near Saigon to support ARVN and US Special forces were damaged and destroyed. thru an combination if bureaucratic delay and totally criminal leadership, the bombs from the damaged aircraft which were armed with impact initiated time delay fusing, were not removed from the parked aircraft in a timely manner. the resulting explosions caused many deaths of US forces and destroyed many aircraft all of which were… Read more »