The Same NBC That Leaked Trump Tape During the Campaign Tried to Cover Up Weinstein Scandal

Over the summer, Ronan Farrow, a reporter at MSNBC, tried to break the story about rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein. To back up the story, he had taped interviews with three of Weinstein’s accusers and a police sting tape. NBC news chief, Noah Oppenheim, turned down the story. Yet, to influence public opinion on the eve of a presidential debate, NBC ‘leaked’ the Access Hollywood tape featuring Trump making lewd comments about women. Tucker Carlson puts the whole story together, including the role played by Weinstein’s attorney. Actress, Rose McGowan, who was one of the women who accused Weinstein of raping her, says that the attorney, a well known so-called ‘feminist’, offered her $6-million to recant her story. -GEG

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Several hundred left-wing and Antifa rioters attacked supporters of President Donald Trump leaving a rally in Minneapolis, in an effort to intimidate the Trump supporters. The violent leftists surrounded the pro-Trump supporters and assaulted them in groups and attacked the police.


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Dick Turpin
Dick Turpin

Why are so many so called liberals such disgusting human beings?
I mean really!!!
I would really like to know that…….so many liars, thieves, traitors, paedophiles, rapists and bullies!
I know these crimes are not confined to them but they seem to have a higher % within there ranks.