When Trump Flip Flopped on DACA, Was He Negotiating Or Selling Out?

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Youtube personalities Stefan Molyneux and Styxhexenhammer666 (Styx) debate over President Trump’s immigration-policy flip-flop relating to DACA, This debate takes a deep dive into so many collateral issues that may contain more than you want to hear but, if you really want to know what arguments are being advanced on both sides of this issue, look no further. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams:

The US has allowed 1 million immigrants per year into the US since 1990, and there are an estimated 30 – 40 million illegal aliens living in the US, changing demographics.

Stefan Molyneux and Styxhexenhammer666 (Styx) debate over President Trump’s immigration plans and his recent flip-flop on DACA, as he has given Congress six months to legalize it instead of honoring his campaign promise to terminate it.

Western civilization, culture and values hang in the balance as immigrants are changing the demographics of the US: the majority of immigrants favor socialism, big government, welfare and government health care.

Styx makes the argument that Trump is negotiating with Democrats and will give them ‘DACA-lite’ in exchange for funding the wall, reducing legal immigration, stopping chain immigration (bringing in family members), enforcing more deportations and terminating sanctuary cities. He contends that Trump lacks the support of Republicans, Democrats and the media. Additionally, the courts could tie him up for years, so he is trying to get Congress to legislate immigration reform. Molyneux says that Trump could use the military to build the wall without Congressional approval and he should have kept his promise to end DACA as it will give the Democrats even more votes. Trump’s base is not committed or vocal enough to override the minority opposition.

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5 years ago

This is another Trump disappointment! Trump obviously did not read Newsweek article that stated the minimum wage for the DACA is $17 and change that could be made by an American citizen and the fact that illegals have penetrated all facets of the workforce! We are sick of the demands made by the loud Hispanic illegals (Pelosi in San Francisco left due to the loud demands.) and the demands made by the Muslim Community as if any of them had rights to make such demands. SEND THEM ALL BACK TO THE COUNTRY OF THEIR ORIGIN AND THEN CHARGE OBAMA AND… Read more »