Syria: US Rebels Defend ISIS and Vow to Attack Syrian Army If They Attack ISIS

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US backed rebels, who have joined with ISIS on previous occasions, openly stated they will stop the Syrian army from crossing the Euphrates River to recover eastern Syria from ISIS militants, which is the last major foothold ISIS has in Syria and Iraq. It is also an oil-rich area. Presidnt Trump said that he ended CIA funding and arming ISIS in Syria but said nothing about similar funding and arming by the Pentagon. Recently, the Pentagon was exposed sending $2.2 billion in weapons through backdoor channels to ISIS. [Once gain, after the speeches, little has changed.] -GEG

Syria — In a blatantly ominous move—solidifying the notion that the U.S. military machine supports and sustains the proliferation of ISIS—U.S.-backed rebels openly stated they will prevent the Syrian army from crossing the Euphrates River to recover eastern Syria from ISIS militants.


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Russian munitions impacted a location known to contain US-backed Syrian rebels and coalition ‘advisers’ as both sides converged on the former ISIS stronghold of Deir Ezzor, in eastern Syria. US coalition forces advised Russia not to strike, but they did anyway, saying they were aiming at ISIS targets. The US and its allies support anti-government rebel groups in their fight to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Russia backs his regime.

Russian Forces Fire on US-Backed Syrian Rebels

A Russian strike wounded members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, the anti-ISIS coalition said Saturday. The strike occurred as both Russian and coalition forces converged on the former ISIS stronghold of Deir Ezzor.

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