Racist, New Smear Word Against Anyone Who Opposes Leftist Agendas

There is a propaganda war being waged in the media and Youtube. The word racism is serving the same purpose today that the word McCarthyism did in the 1960s. It has no bearing on reality but, repeated loud enough and often enough and backed by the ‘authority’ of the mass media, it is intended to discredit and silence anyone who opposed Leftist agendas. Here are examples of the extreme bias in this process. -GEG

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Former Chief Scientist for Pfizer Makes Shocking Revelations, Says New Vaccines Will Skip Clinical Trials

Yeadon dropped a bombshell when he predicted that those who refuse vaccines will be coerced, and those who are left will be rounded up and thrown into prison camps. He warned that there is no benign explanation for mass vaccination and vaccine passports. [OK, if not benign, then what is the correct adjective? The answer is ‘sinister’.]


Nearly 40% Of Marines Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine

April 14, 2021 ZeroHedge 1

A report states that 38.9% of Marines, with an average age of 25, putting them at roughly 0.18% risk of death, are refusing to take the COVID-19 experimental vaccines – which don’t prevent people from getting COVID-19, falling ill, or transmitting it.


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3 years ago

Why do all those brainless people invade ‘white’ America and ‘white’ Europe? Yea, there is food and comfort to have a decent life. All you lazy big mouth ride on the achievements of the Whites. And the blacks, do you have better aspects in America or back in Africa? I am sure, the government would let you go.
From whom do you demand…..?

Butch Crassidy
Butch Crassidy
3 years ago

In addition to racist, the current goto slurs are nazi, white nationalist, and white supremacist. Even black celebrities, like Charles Barkley are being smeared as being “white supremacist.” However, this is an issue that goes beyond leftists yelling, “racist,” to shut down debate. Much of it is rooted in a retooled version of marxism that comes out of feminism, called intersectionality. In it, they have replaced the proletariat and bourgeois with oppressed and oppressor groups; based on the different demographic groups people can be categorized into; with heterosexual, Christian, white males, being placed in the position of being the greatest… Read more »