President Trump To Phase Out DACA, Gives Congress 6 Months to Replace It

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President Trump says he will phase out a program that has protected as many as 850,000 children brought into the country illegally. If Congress does not come up with a replacement in six months, it will be terminated. The DACA program is unconstitutional, but leftist politicians support it because it brings in new voters to support their political dominance. Tucker Carlson says the elites are converting nations with borders and laws into a globalist system without borders in which rule of law is replaced by rule of the governing class, sometimes referred to as a technocracy. -GEG

Tucker Carlson said that, formerly in America, a major decision like curtailing DACA would result in a national debate.

Instead, he pointed out that regular protesters and “the educated classes” became “completely hysterical” after Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke the news.

Media pundits “lectured” us on racism and protesters lined the streets of major cities, Carlson said.

George W. Bush’s Commerce Secretary, Carlos Gutierrez, said Trump’s decision was meant to benefit “people who feel threatened by immigrants.”

“This isn’t just demagoguery, it’s also nonsense,” Carlson said. “No administration could continue [DACA] because it’s illegal.”

“If you think that’s mean or counter-productive, … take it up with your legislator.”

“People in the U.S. illegally are supposed to leave,” he said, adding that people like Gutierrez proved that political power is seen as more important than law.

“[Opponents] actively boast about ignoring the law… giving preference to illegals over their own citizens,” he said.

In New York State, Carlson said DACA recipients are eligible for Medicaid and cash assistance under Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) administration.

“Borders, laws and citizenship are big things to give up,” he said.

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