20,000 Swedes Have Been Implanted with Microchips – Voluntarily

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Twenty thousand Swedes voluntarily accepted microchip implants in their hands. These will be used for identification, tracking, and banking transactions. Three thousand commuters now use chips to buy their train tickets.

Would you get your travel card implanted into your HAND? 3,000 Swedish commuters are now using microchips to pay for their journey

  • In a new BBC interview it was revealed that 3,000 customers use the service
  • The firm does not microchip people itself, and they must have it done elsewhere
  • But several companies in Sweden already offer the service to their employees 

When you’re in a rush, it can be easy to forget your travel card on the way out of the house.

But for around 3,000 commuters in Sweden, this isn’t something to worry about.

The brave commuters have futuristic microchip implants embedded into their hands to pay for their journey.

But the technology raises security and privacy issues, as the data generated could be used to track people.


n June, SJ Rail, the Swedish train operator, announced that around 100 people were using microchips to pay for their journey.

But in a new interview with the BBC, it was revealed that an estimated 3,000 people now use the service.

In a video, the Travel Show’s Ade Adepitan said: ‘So far around 3,000 people in Sweden have a microchip.’

Commuters with a microchip in their hand are able to have their ticket loaded directly onto the device.

The train conductor can then read the chip with a smartphone to confirm the passenger has paid for their journey.

Stephen Ray, who is overseeing the SJ Rail project, told the BBC: ‘You could use the microchip implant to replace a lot of stuff, your credit cards, they keys to your house, the keys to your car.’

SJ Rail is not offering to microchip people itself, and passengers wanting to use the service must already have the futuristic technology.

Mircrochip implants are not new in Sweden, and an estimated 20,000 people already have them, using the devices to swipe in and out of the office, and even pay for food.

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