Truck Drivers Demand Military Protection After Deadly Migrant Attacks at French-UK Ferry Crossing

Truck drivers who travel between France and the UK at the channel-crossing town of Calais are calling for the army to protect them. Migrants seeking entry to the UK often try to commandeer the trucks by forcing them to stop because of logs in the road and then swarming the drivers. There have been more than 17,000 attempts to illegally reach the UK by migrants in Calais so far this year, and many of those have involved this kind of violence. –GEG

Representatives of British lorry drivers have called for the army to be sent to Calais to protect vehicles if attacks and attempted hijackings by migrants do not subside.

The warning comes as new figures from France’s interior ministry reveal there have been more than 17,000 attempts to illegally reach the UK by migrants in Calais so far this year, despite the clearance of the ‘Jungle’ camp in 2016.

“If the levels of violence seen over the last six to eight weeks persist, I’d like to see the military brought back in[to the French port town]”, industry liaison and intelligence officer Andrew Round said in a statement issued by the British International Freight Association (BIFA).

“It is just not fair on the drivers; something has to be done between the UK and French governments above and beyond what they are already doing,” added Mr. Round, who works for the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NavCIS).

BIFA said disruption and the threat to drivers from migrants often increase at this time of year, drawing attention to two recent incidents in Calais which claimed the life one driver and left another hospitalised with “serious” head injuries.

On  June 18th, a Polish van driver was killed after his vehicle smashed into lorries that had been forced to stop on a busy motorway between Dunkirk and Calais due to a road block of tree trunks erected by migrants.

The driver died as his van burst into flames, and nine Eritrean migrants, reportedly desperate to break into Britain, were suspected of the crime.

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