Removing Monuments Erases History – The Latest Updates

This article lists twelve historical monuments honoring Democrats who had a penchant for racial bias, including Presidents Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Senator Robert C. Byrd, who was Hillary Clinton’s mentor.

If Democrats seeking the removal of historical memorials tied to racist history are serious, they should be tripping over one another to get in front of a camera and call for the removal of memorials and namesakes to Presidents Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Sen. Robert C Byrd.

These five men had two things in common–all had a penchant for racism to one degree or another, and all were Democrats.

Some of the memorials to them are monuments, some are groves, others are highways, bridges, colleges, and even cemeteries. Of course, the cemeteries ought not be disturbed, but they should be renamed if the Democrats are serious about rooting out the vestiges of racism.

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Seattle: Jack Posobiec led protesters in a call to remove the statue of Vladimir Lenin, pointing out that over 90 million people were murdered under Marxist regimes in the 20th century.

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Artist, Al Sharpton, told TV presenter, Charlie Rose, that the Jefferson Memorial should no longer be funded by American taxpayers, because Jefferson was a slave holder.  He made this comment just hours after President Trump predicted that leftists would target the Jefferson and Washington monuments.

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Juanita Broadrick, who claims she was raped by Clinton in the 1970’s, is adding a statue of Bill Clinton, the Democratic icon to the list.

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Yeah the Commies always remove historical Monuments and rename Parks and Roads in a vain attempt to revise re-write history. As Stalin kept re-naming Parks after their Communist heroes until they would fall out of favor (shot). Conrad’s had a hard time keeping up with the name changes and dare not call the place by it’s former name for fear. American Christians need to start tearing down these Luciferian Baphamet Monuments that Towns are erecting across the Land while civil governments are permitting this madness.

V. karlski
V. karlski

America under Siege. BLM the racist group along with Antifa are terror groups.

Ann Thorp
Ann Thorp

If they keep removing racist monuments they will never be able to prove there was any racism in our country as there will be nothing left to point to it.