Why Was the Director of the CERN Supercollider Attending the Bilderberger Meeting?

CERN is a European scientific venture that has created the largest machine ever built- it is twenty miles in circumference. It produces a magnetic field 100,000 times more powerful than the magnetic field of the Earth. It’s official mission is to study the nature of the smallest particles of the universe, but there is evidence that the real objective of the project is to develop a highly directional nuclear canon as a weapon. There also is some evidence, such as occult symbols associated with CERN and the bizarre, occult-like activities of some people associated with the project, that they are hoping to reach into other dimensions. The Bilderberg group is focused on political, social, and economic issues and is not known for an interest in science or other dimensions. So, when the Director of CERN is invited to attend its secret meeting, it is natural to be curious about how the project could be used to further the Bilderbergers’ strategies for global dominance. –GEG

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