California Governor Says He Will Commit His State to Climate Agreement Even If Trump and the Nation Do Not

Following Trump’s announcement that the US is pulling out of the Paris climate accord, California Governor Jerry Brown lapsed into the usual rhetoric about the end of the world from global warming. He said that California will partner with China, Canada, Mexico, and Germany to impose carbon taxes in the name of saving the planet. [Global Warming, An Inconvenient Lie, a video series that thoroughly debunks this rhetoric, is available at Reality Zone.] –GEG

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Dr. Fauci Flip-Flops on Wearing Masks and Ending the Shutdown

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Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx relied on bogus computer models to frighten politicians into shutting down the country. Last week, after 39-million Americans lost their jobs, Fauci acknowledged that staying closed could cause “irreparable damage!” [Every school child in the country could figure that out, so why did he do it?


Google Canceled Its ‘Smart City’ Plans for Toronto

May 26, 2020 BBC 0

People objected to sensors that would be placed everywhere collecting data on everything. They also were not not comfortable with a private company running their city [Good decision on the sensors, but it is hard to imagine that private-sector crooks would be much worse than public-sector crooks.]


Unseen Forces Behind the Rise to Fame and Fortune of Bill Gates

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Gates’ banker father was head of Planned Parenthood and the family was connected to a group of wealthy intellectuals who called themselves Eugenicists. That means they advocated so-called public-health programs that secretly sterilize those who are considered by the elite to be unworthy of procreation.


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As the exodus of people and capital continues apace.

The PRK just can’t seem to learn their lessons concerning Sacramento’s Socialist, not just ‘Moonbeam’s,’ policies.

It’s a continual “FAIL” of hitting “Redial” on a wrong number!


Lived in California many years but don’t understand why the zombies in this state put up with the brown shirts. My saying is that Califormia has a Brown asshole.

P Wilk
P Wilk

Hasn’t Brown done more than enough treasonous acts to that state??? Why aren’t Californians recalling him already? Do it now!


Moonbeam should just be committed, period!


Just shows to go why Brownian stupidity is a special kind…