Tim Allen’s TV Sitcom Cancelled After He Said Being a Conservative in Hollywood Was Like Living in Nazi Germany

Tim Allen starred as a positive conservative character in the ABC sitcom, Last Man Standing, which was cancelled despite high ratings.  The cancellation comes two months after he made a comment on a talk show comparing living as a conservative in Hollywood to Nazi Germany. Allen also called out Hollywood for ‘bullying’ Trump. Many people are now boycotting the channel. –GEG

ABC’s decision to cancel Tim Allen’s sitcom “Last Man Standing” as it closes its sixth season resulted in the network being accused of playing politics.

ABC’s decision to cancel Tim Allen’s sitcom “Last Man Standing” as it closes its sixth season resulted in the network being accused of playing politics.

Only “Modern Family” beat “Last Man Standing” in the ratings for ABC programming.

Allen, whose previous ABC hit “Home Improvement” ran from 1991-1999, has been vocal in his criticism of Hollywood’s leftist culture and said he attended President Trump’s inauguration.

According to Heat Street, many viewers believe Allen’s refusal to remain silent about politics in heavily Democratic Hollywood led ABC to cancel “Last Man Standing” despite drawing 8.1 million viewers this season.

Allen supported Gov. John Kasich in the presidential primaries, and said being a conservative in Hollywood was akin to being part of the opposition in Nazi Germany.

He also called out Hollywood for “bullying” Trump while criticizing him for being a bully at the same time.

On the show, Allen played Mike Baxter, a conservative father who worked at an outdoors emporium as the lead of marketing.

Critics of the decision also pointed out that ABC’s parent, the Walt Disney Company, is headed by Bob Iger, who is reportedly mulling a 2020 run against Trump as a Democrat.

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You’re doing a good service in reporting these things.


Wow! I guess that proves that being a Conservative in Hollywood
is like being in NAZI Germany after all.


I’ve just congratulated Tim Allen. It takes guts to stand up and be counted.
Most celebrities live inside a pink bubble.