Syria: ISIS Group Changes Its Name so It Can Be Removed from US and Canadian Terror Lists

Reporter David Knight updates the ongoing saga of US support for ISIS: The US attacks Syria, which is fighting ISIS and it gives ISIS arms, weapons and training.  The US bombs pro-Syrian forces that are fighting ISIS, and now plans to sell $110-billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia so it can attack Syria.  ISIS has re-branded itself again by changing its name from the al-Nusra Front to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), enabling them to be taken off of the US and Canadian terror list. The deadly saga continues. –GEG

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Jon Rappoport Investigates the Cult of COVID

July 10, 2020 Jon Rappoport 1

No one has done a proper study for a novel, never-seen-before virus, and it will never be attempted because it would destroy the theory that one virus is causing a pandemic. A few people at the top know the truth, but the cult operates on blind faith.

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Dr. Scott Jensen Accused by the State of Spreading Misinformation

July 8, 2020 Dr. Scott Jensen 3

The State’s Medical Practice Board accused Dr. Jensen of ‘providing reckless advice’ on a news program by comparing COVID-19 to the ordinary flu. [Dr. Jensen is correct, of course, and If this goes to court, there is a good chance he will prove his case. Our guess, therefore, is that it will never go to court.]


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ISIS Group Changes Its Name so It Can Be Removed from Terror Lists | BLOG ROOM DECOR
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