Sweden Migrant Crisis: Less Than 1 In 5 Migrant Rapists Deported


Sweden’s government reported that fewer than one in five foreign rapists were deported for their crimes between 2010 to 2014, and the deportations for child rape were even lower at a rate of 13%.   These astounding statistics speak louder than words about who really controls the Swedish government. As in most so-called democracies, it obviously is not the voters. –GEG

Only 19 per cent of foreign rapists registered as Swedish residents were deported from the troubled Scandinavian country between 2010 and 2014, according to government figures.

The Daily Mail reports that deportations of those convicted of child rape were even lower, at 13 per cent.  The figure for migrants convicted of aggravated child rape was not significantly higher, at just 17 per cent.

Leniency towards foreign nationals convicted of rape and aggravated rape of adults was somewhat less common, although 37 per cent and 28 per cent of migrants convicted of those crimes respectively avoided expulsion.

Deportation rates for foreign nationals who had not been registered as Swedish residents were higher.

Nonetheless,some 48 per cent of illegal migrants convicted of child rape were allowed to remain in the country.

In cases of aggravated child rape committed by non-registered persons, deportations were more likely, but 33 per cent of convicts were still able to stay.

According to the report, the “stand-out statistics” break down as follows:

  • 19 per cent of foreign nationals registered as Swedish residents convicted of rape were deported;
  • 19 per cent of foreign nationals registered as Swedish residents convicted of aggravated rape were deported;
  • 13 per cent of foreign nationals registered as Swedish residents convicted of child rape were deported; and
  • 17 per cent of foreign nationals registered as Swedish residents convicted of aggravated rape of a child were deported.

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