Poland to Forbid Language That Suggests Poles Helped Run Nazi Concentration Camps Inside Poland

February 2, 2018 Newser 0

Poland’s conservative Law and Justice party authored a bill that calls for up to three years in prison for any intentional attempt to attribute the crimes of Nazi Germany to the Polish state or people. It passed in the legislature despite opposition by Israel and the US and is awaiting the president’s signature. The world has gone mad trying to eliminate free speech in the name of preventing ‘hate’. Neither truth nor love can be created by law. In fact, they both become victims of it.


Poland: “No Muslim Immigration Means No Terror Attacks”

Polish Minister Ryszard Czarnecki defended his country’s refusal of Muslim migrants by saying that the only proven way to reduce Islamic terror attacks is to stop Muslim mass migration into the country. He noted that the children of Islamic immigrants have been responsible for a large portion of ISIS-inspired attacks on European soil. Poland and Hungary are refusing orders from the EU to accept Muslim migrants.