Trump Administration Has Reduced Refugee Immigration To A Trickle

March 5, 2018 Breitbart 1

In the US, there are nine Volags (voluntary agencies) funded by more than $1 billion each year by the State Department to resettle refugees in the US. Under the Trump administration, the flow of immigrants has been reduced to a trickle – an average of 1,727 people per month, which is the lowest number in 15 years. As expected, the Volags are not pleased.


A Federal Judge Partially Lifts Trump’s Refugee Ban

December 27, 2017 JTA 1

US District Judge, James Robart of the federal court in Seattle, ruled that the federal government must process refugee applications for people “with a bona fide relationship to a person or entity within the United States.” This ruling was in spite of the Supreme Court’s ruling that Trump’s ban was Constitutional. The lower court challenges were brought by a Jewish pro-immigration group and the ACLU.