The ​Ugly ​Truth About Net Neutrality: Google and Facebook Will Be Exempt from Regulations

November 27, 2017 InfoWars 1

‘Net neutrality’ is a scam that targets signal carriers, like Verizon and AT&T for strict regulations while content carriers, like Facebook, Google and Youtube, are exempt. They scare the public into thinking that ‘net neutrality’ will protect them from being gouged by high priced, multi-tier bandwidth packages. George Soros and the Ford Foundation spent an estimated $72 million since 2006 to control the Internet. ‘Net neutrality’ is used to gain support from those who do not understand the deeper issues of fair cost and censorship.


Nigel Farage Proposes an Investigation into the 226 “Reliable Friends” of George Soros in the EU Parliament

November 15, 2017 Robin Hood UKIP 3

Soros recently poured $18 billion into his Open Societies Foundation that lobbies for open borders and a supranational government run by a bureaucracy of non-elected administrators. Farage calls for financial transparency, including the disclosure of payments from Soros to his 226 ‘reliable friends’ in the European Parliament. If this is done, he thinks it will expose the largest case of political collusion in history.