‘Quiet Skies’ Is a New Secret Federal Marshals Program to Spy on Ordinary Americans Who Travel by Plane

July 30, 2018 ZeroHedge 1

A new federal program profiles and surveils ordinary US citizen travelers who otherwise have no legitimate reason for being profiled.  The biggest irony, as several Air Marshals observed, is that that potentially illegal program which infringes on the privacy and constitutional rights of US citizens, is also being paid for by those very same US citizens. Just like with the NSA.


22 House Intel Members Withheld FISA Memo Passed Vote to Expand NSA Powers

February 2, 2018 Daily Caller 1

Judge Napolitano accused the 22 House Intel members of delaying the release of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) memo to keep 500 Congressmen in the dark about domestic spying abuses. He contends that Congress would not have voted to expand the FISA program, as it did seven days earlier, if the memo had been released prior to the vote. He concludes that the intelligence community, which is supposed to be regulated by Congress, actually is controlling Congress.