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24 American States Have Proposed Campus ‘Free Speech’ Laws

March 21, 2018 ZeroHedge 0

Colleges and universities are not bound by Constitution – only the federal government is. “Congress shall pass no law” to restrict speech. Schools are not bound by that. However, most colleges and universities receive federal money, so it would be an easy thing to require that they comply with the Constitution if they want the money – but federal politicians apparently are not interested in taking that stand.


Minnesota College Calls Police on Student Who Said ‘Tranny’ on the Radio

November 22, 2017 Daily Caller 0

The University changed its position and said there had been complaints that the young men were drunk on the air. Neither saying ‘tranny’ nor drunk broadcasting is a violation of FCC rules. Watch the video and you will see that the boys are not drunk, and the only reason given to them for being evicted is that they used the word ‘tranny’.