Bitcoin Skyrockets above $1800 – A New All-time High

May 11, 2017 CNBC 1

In April, Japan passed a law recognizing Bitcoin as a legal method of payment and put in place capital requirements, cybersecurity regulations, and annual audits. There is speculation that Japanese banks will start trading Bitcoin as a currency. The value of Bitcoin has surged 81% since the beginning of the year.


Bitcoin Dipped 35% On News It Will Not Be Publicly Offered

March 13, 2017 Jen Wieczner, Fortune 0

Last week, the price of Bitcoin fell from an all-time high of more than $1300, and dipped below $980, a decline of 35%. The drop was due to a decision to reject admission of Bitcoin to the stock exchange as an ETF (exchange traded fund) that was designed by the Winklevoss twins to reduce volatility. Bitcoin’s value has rebounded.


5 Ways Blockchains Can Bring Prosperity

March 6, 2017 Don Tapscott 0

Dom Tapscott explains how blockchain technology operates, not just in Bitcoin digital currency, but many other applications. Blockchain removes the middleman in a decentralized system and, by so doing, allows those at either end of value transactions to retain more of the benefit.