Transgender Ideology Is Funded by $400 Million from Drug, Surgery and Healthcare Investors

February 26, 2018 Breitbart 0

Research shows that wealthy transgender donors and medical investors who stand to benefit financially from sex-change treatments, have spent more than $400 million to promote the claim that men and women should be free to switch their ‘gender’ whenever they want to do so. The ideology also demands that parents and doctors, reporters, researchers, and surgeons stay silent in the face of growing evidence that the ideology and treatments are hazardous to the subjects’ physical health and mental stability. Most of the donated money goes to normalizing the transgenderism.


FDA Declares ‘Virtually All’ Homeopathic Meds Are Illegal

February 8, 2018 Inquisitr 4

The FDA, on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies, is cracking down on homeopathic medicines, which increasingly have been competing with more expensive (and toxic) prescription drugs. An estimated six-million Americans now use homeopathic medicines. A recently released FDA ‘guidance document’ says that homeopathic medicines are considered as ‘new drugs’ being sold illegally (meaning without FDA approval and without a prescription).