Hundreds of African Migrants Storm Spain’s Border, Guards Face Knives and ‘Unusual Violence’

June 11, 2018 Breitbart 0

Ceuta and Melilla, are Spanish territories in North Africa, the EU’s only land borders with Africa, allowing passage from Morocco. An estimated 400 migrants charged the border in the early hours of May 6th, with only six making it across to claim asylum. A city official reported that guards were having to contend with young, physically fit migrants using “hand-made knives” and willing to deploy “unusual violence” to achieve their aim.


Israelis on the Left and Right Balk at Plans to Deport African Migrants

April 3, 2018 Telegraph 0

Netanyahu announced a UN deal allowing half of the 40,000 African asylum seekers who are in Israel are to be sent to Western countries (Canada, Germany, and Italy), and the other half could stay in Israel, scrapping plans to send them all to Africa. Originally, Israel gave them the choice of being jailed indefinitely or voluntarily relocating to Uganda or Rwanda with $3,500. This proposal was opposed by 25,000 Israeli protesters because many asylum seekers said they would choose prison rather than go back to Africa. Israeli officials now are worried about the logistical challenges of jailing such a large population.


Israel Blames George Soros for Fomenting Opposition to Deportation of Africans

February 7, 2018 ZeroHedge 0

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accused US Jewish billionaire George Soros of being behind the campaign to stop Israel from deporting 38,000 illegal alien “infiltrators” who migrated from Africa. For those who agree to leave by the deadline, Israel offers $3,500, a plane ticket, and help with obtaining travel documents, if they refuse, Israel says it will imprison them indefinitely. Israeli Holocaust survivors wrote an open letter to Netanyahu last month pleading with him to reconsider.