Beware the ‘DNA Vaccine’ that Alters Human Genetics!

July 3, 2018 Jon Rappoport 0

A new universal flu vaccine to protect from every flu strain in one shot is being developed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The experimental ‘DNA vaccine’ that will inject a person with synthesized genes will permanently alter their DNA.


Watch: #WalkAway Movement to Abandon Democrat Party Goes Viral

July 2, 2018 #WalkAway 3

A grassroots campaign on social media began when Brandon Straka, a gay hairdresser from New York city, explained that he was leaving the Democrat party because he rejects hate, racism, false victimhood, hatred, media lies, and being cast as a victim. The Democratic party has aligned with the radical left.


Portland: Antifa Attacked Conservatives at a Rally After Police Removed Barriers

July 1, 2018 ZeroHedge 0

Police set up barricades separating opposing groups. Then, Portland police removed the barricades, Antifa protesters pelted marchers from the conservative group with eggs, water bottles and firecrackers as the marchers spilled out into downtown Portland for their legally permitted march. Portland police then revoked the rally permit and declared it a riot.


Michael Moore: “We Have to Put Our Bodies on the Line” and Surround Capitol to Stop Trump

July 1, 2018 Washington Times 3

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore ramped up emotion that leads to violence by calling for people to “put their bodies on the line” to bring down the Trump presidency, and characterized him as a sociopath who presents a “singular threat to humanity.” He also proposed surrounding the capitol with a million people to stop Trump from appointing a new Supreme Court justice.


Illegal Alien Admits Families Voluntarily Separate From Their Children to Come to America

July 1, 2018 Breitbart 2

There were over 700 protests held across the US. In Los Angeles, Melody Klingenfuss gave a speech about being left behind as a baby in Guatemala, as her then teenage mother illegally immigrated to California for economic advantage, and waiting until she was 9 years old to be reunited with her. She admitted that “sometimes family separation begins in the country of origin.”