Lawmakers Receiving Campaign Donations Are Silent on Google Censorship

April 27, 2018 Fox News 1

The criteria for Youtube censorship includes “controversial religious or supremacist content”, and “controversial and inflammatory content”, which is totally subjective.  Youtube makes the call, and they are biased and political.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, an extremist group known for inciting hatred and division, acts as a trusted flagger of video content.  Republicans defend Google against anti-trust issues because Google funds campaigns, the media and NGOs.


Female Bodybuilder and Vegan Opened Fire at Youtube HQ, Angry over Demonetization

April 4, 2018 InfoWars 0

Nasim Aghdam, 39, an Iranian-Turk, committed suicide after shooting one man and two women at YouTube’s headquarters in California. She used a legally purchased and registered handgun. She was angry that Youtube had demonetized her videos and was lowering her view-count numbers. Aghdam’s father and brother warned police that she hated YouTube and might go there to do harm – but the police did nothing about the warnings.


YouTube Will Counter Alternative Media by Adding a Wikipedia Box to Videos that Are Deemed a “Conspiracy”

March 15, 2018 Information Liberation 0

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is planning to add a Wikipedia information box to every video that is focused around what YouTube considers to be a conspiracy theory. The goal is to counter the information with ‘reliable’ information. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, and his army of liberal colleagues, will determine what is truth and they will label anything that strays from the approved narrative as fake or a conspiracy theory.


YouTube Vows to Purge Harmful Content Aimed at Children

November 30, 2017 Paul Romano 0

Google-owned YouTube, which has been under fire for allowing kids programming to get out of control with violent and exploitative content, finally responded to public indignation and promises to implement filters to block violence and adult-themed material from videos targeting children and families – no date given for this move, however. YouTube did shut down the notorious Toy Freaks channel that had ten million subscribers​. It features a father who played pranks on his daughters, which many people saw as the legitimization of abuse. There are many cartoon producers creating violent and sexually suggestive content aimed at children apparently ​for the sole purpose of traumatizing them and creating social attitudes that reject traditional values.