Israel Helps ‘White Helmets’ Flee Syria for Settlement in Western Countries

The controversial White Helmets who have been involved in staged “gas attacks” in Syria that were used as a pretext for attacking Assad, are fleeing the country and will reportedly move to Western countries.  Their exodus coincides with Trump’s talks with Putin where it appears that they both promised Israel they would contain Iran’s influence in Syria. 

RT reported that 422 White Helmets “civil defense workers,” out of an estimated 800, were evacuated and will be resettled into the UK, Canada, and Germany.  Jordan says it has already taken in 1.3 million displaced Syrians and refuses to take any more, stressing the need for a “political solution.”  Israel has also refused to take in Syrian refugees.

Haaretz reported that the White Helmets group was started in 2012 by volunteers from areas taken over by the rebels and had 2,000 volunteers by 2014, including dozens of women. It received about $30 million a year from the United States, the Gulf states and international aid groups.

From Information Liberation:

Does these signal the end of the false flag attacks in Syria or have these regime change agents just outrun their usefulness?

Note, this is coming right after Trump’s talks with Putin where it appears they promised Israel they’d contain Iran’s influence in Syria.

From Reuters:

JERUSALEM/AMMAN (Reuters) – Hundreds of Syrian “White Helmet” rescue workers and their families fled advancing government forces and slipped over the border into Jordan overnight with the help of Israeli soldiers and Western powers, officials said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a brief video statement on Sunday he had helped the evacuation at the request of U.S. President Donald Trump and other leaders – and there had been fears that the workers’ lives were at risk.

The group, known officially as Syria Civil Defence, has been widely hailed in the West and credited with saving thousands of people in rebel-held areas during years of bombing attacks by Damascus and its allies.

Its members, known for their white helmets, say they are neutral. But Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his backers, including Russia, have dismissed them as Western-sponsored propaganda tools and proxies of Islamist-led insurgents. There was no immediate response from Damascus on Sunday.

A Jordanian government source said 422 people were brought from Syria, over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights frontier and into Jordan, down from a figure of 800 announced earlier by the foreign ministry in Amman.

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US May Freeze Funding for Controversial White Helmets in Syria After Chemical Attack

While the White Helmets claim to be neutral, they have been accused of staging chemical attacks, and they are linked to the al-Nusra terror group. The US State Department is reviewing its support for the White Helmets that have received at least $32 million from US taxpayers. The White Helmets are well-funded for a group that claims to be self-organized.

US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that funding for the White Helmets, a controversial militant-linked group instrumental to the media campaign against Assad and Russia, was under review. The White Helmets are controversial because they have recently been accused of staging a chemical attack hoax in Douma that led to US airstrikes last month, and its members have appeared in videos of killings by the al-Nusra terror group.


The White Helmets claim to be a neutral self-organized humanitarian group that formed in 2012. They trained in Turkey in 2013 under British former military officer James Le Mesurier. He funded the operation through his non-profit organization, May Day Rescue, financed by grants from Holland, UK, Denmark and Germany. In 2013, the UK based Voices Project, created to influence governments and public opinion, began promoting the White Helmets. The White Helmets also receive funding from Chemonics, a US-based contractor that received $128 million in 2013 to ensure a “stable transition” (regime change) in Syria under USAID, and at least $32 million was paid to the White Helmets. Chemtronics was part of the USAID failure in Libya.

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Major Evidence Syrian Chemical Attack Was Staged by US

Jake Morphonios dug up archived UK Daily Mail Online article from 2013 that reported leaked emails showing the Obama White House had given approval for US-backed rebels in Syria to covertly carry out a chemical weapons attack on civilians and blame it on Syrian President Assad, a classic false flag strategy, in order to provide justification for US military action against Syria.  Children’s corpses were posed in photos, making a strong emotional impact – Jake says the photos were taken by the White Helmets in Douma, the site of the alleged chemical attack.

A BBC journalist expressed skepticism about an alleged chemical attack in Syria that the West has largely – and without evidence – blamed on Bashar Assad. He tweeted that he was tired of “staged” scenes before deleting the post.

“Sick and tired of activists and rebels using corpses of dead children to stage emotive scenes for Western consumption. Then they wonder why some serious journos are questioning part of the narrative,” BBC Foreign News Producer Riam Dalati wrote on Twitter. He later deleted that tweet, but not before others in the Twittersphere managed to grab a screenshot of it.

When a Twitter user wrote that Dalati was under pressure from the BBC to ‘toe the line,’ presumably by pointing the finger at Syrian President Bashar Assad, the journalist said this wasn’t true, and that he deleted the tweet due to a “breach of editorial policy.”

“Not so… original tweet correctly deemed in breach of editorial policy thru (sic) use of ‘sick/tired'” and by not providing context for a picture of a deceased Syrian girl who appeared to be giving a ‘last hug’ to another child who appeared to have died.

“Still stand by original opinion that ‘Last Hug’ was staged and can voice that in a factual tweet if I want to,” he wrote.

Manipulated Photos (full article at RT):

Warning- Graphic

BBC Journalist, Riam Dalati, Twitter

Daily Mail archived article

Syria: Without Evidence or Logic, US Ambassador to UN Says New Chemical Attack against Syrian Citizens Was Done by Syrian Government

Three weeks ago, the Trump administration agreed to keep thousands of US troops in Syria and, as if on cue, a new chemical attack against Syrian citizens has been blamed on Syrian President Assad. This is a repeat of similar events in the past, all of which turned out to be false-flag operations by anti-Assad rebels, not the Syrian government. Predictably, the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, is blaming Assad and calling for war before an independent investigation of the event can be conducted. It is highly suspicious that the medics at the scene of the supposed gas attack are the ‘White Helmets’ who are linked to al Qaeda and who previously have been exposed staging fake attacks and providing actors to play the role of victims. -GEG

CNN Anchor Is Challenged to Correct Her Propaganda Story about ‘Aleppo Boy’

Russia challenges CNN anchor, Christiane Amanpour, to visit Syria and follow up on her story that included the photo of ‘Aleppo boy’, a toddler who was shown with a bleeding cut and covered with dust in the aftermath of an airstrike in October, 2016.  While showing this photo to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, she pelted him with accusations of bombing civilians and committing war crimes. The boy, Omran Daqneesh, and his parents tell a different story. They say the boy did sustain minor injuries, but that the White Helmets placed him in an ambulance for a staged photograph for propaganda against the Syrian government which, in their view, was not responsible for the air strike. The family is now in fear of retaliation by the anti-government rebels. We do not expect CNN to report on this aspect of the story. –GEG

Evidence That The Syrian Chemical Attack Was “Trumped-Up”

President Trump warned Obama in 2013 to avoid war with Syria following the chemical attack in Ghouta, because there was no advantage to it. The current attack is highly suspicious – because of issues described in this analysis. –GEG

Hollywood Awards Oscar To Terrorist Support Group

Hollywood’s propaganda department gave an Academy Award to The White Helmets film for best documentary short feature, when it would have been more appropriate to classify it as fiction.  The White Helmets film praises the Syrian rescue group as heroes, but they are actually a terrorist support group affiliated with al-Nusra, and funded by at least $100 million from USAID, the British Foreign Office, other EU states and Qatar for covert operations. -GEG

A documentary film praising Syria’s White Helmets, a rescue group hailed as heroes and saviors by the MSM, amid allegations of having ties with terrorist organizations, has won the Oscar for best documentary short feature.

“The White Helmets,” a 40-minute documentary, marks first Oscar win for director Orlando von Einsiedel.

The film revolves around the “perilous work of volunteers who brave falling bombs to rescue civilians from the carnage of Syria’s civil war,” the description on its Netflix page says.

A synopsis, published on the Oscars website, reveals that the film is set “in the chaos of war-torn Syria” where “unarmed and neutral civilian volunteers known as ‘the white helmets’ comb through the rubble after bombings to rescue survivors.” 

Patrick Henningsen, a geopolitical analyst at 21st Century in an earlier interview to RT late last month explained how the footage was obtained.

The “film itself is not a real documentary,” he said. “All of the footage used in the film was provided to the producers by the White Helmets themselves. This film production crew – Netflix productions – did not film any of the so-called rescue scenes.”

“What this film is essentially a PR cushion for a $100-$150 million covert op, which is basically an NGO front funded by USAID, the British Foreign Office, various EU member states, Qatar, and other various and sundry nations, and members of the public, who quite frankly in my opinion and many others, have been duped into donating their money for this rescue group, that is anything but. It essentially functions as a support group alongside Al-Nusra and al-Din al-Zenki and other known terrorist groups operating in Syria. That is a fact that has been proven by a number of eyewitness testimonies.”

The White Helmets, also known as the Syrian Civil Defense, are “the largest civil society organization operating in areas outside of government control,” the group’s website proudly reads.

According to the group’s leader, Raed Saleh, those “unarmed and neutral rescue workers have saved more than 78,529 people from the attacks in Syria.” 

The unit has also received praise from Amnesty International, describing it as “a group of neutral, unarmed volunteers.” 

Although the rescue group largely appears to be in the MSM media’s good books, not everyone looks at the White Helmets’ activities through rose-tinted glasses.

White Helmets financially backed by West – journalist to RT

In December, Eva Bartlett, a Canadian journalist and rights activist who has traveled to Syria several times since the start of the conflict, said that members of the group “purport to be rescuing civilians in eastern Aleppo and Idlib [but] …no one in eastern Aleppo has heard of them.” 

Bartlett noted during her highly emotional speech at the UN that “their video footage actually contains children that have been ‘recycled’ in different reports; so you can find a girl named Aya who turns up in a report in say, August, and she turns up in the next month in two different locations.”

The White Helmets operate in Syria’s rebel and Islamist territories and appear to enjoy the support of various western governments.

“They are fantastically brave, these White Helmets. I’m proud to say we’re giving them I think £32 million [$39.78 million] funding as part of a wider £65 million package for non-humanitarian aid,” British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said last year.

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