Journalist Andy Ngo Says Antifa Brainwashes Members to Kill and Become Martyrs

Andy Ngo, an investigative journalist, has a new book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. It’s about Antifa, which he says it a domestic terrorist organization. He moved to London from his hometown in Portland, Oregon, fearing for his life. He was beaten on video by Antifa in 2019 and suffered a brain injury, yet no one was arrested even though everything was recorded on video. His book provides many details about Antifa, including information about funding from crowd sourcing, the goal to destroy America no matter what party is in power, the networks that include academics and professional people, the Democrats who turn a blind eye to violence, the fusion with Black Lives Matter, membership that demands radicalization and a commitment to crime and even murder, and the failure of law enforcement to arrest and prosecute them in Democrat cities. -GEG

Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s radical plan to destroy democracy

U.S. President Joe Biden dismisses Antifa as just “an idea.” Independent journalist Andy Ngo proves him wrong. The intrepid investigator infiltrates the black box agitators for his new book, “Unmasked,” and exposes the terrorist anarchy fueling their destruction. Ultimately, the tables turn, Ngo becomes the hunted and has to flee the country to save his life.

Whoever hears “fascism” thinks of the darkest chapters in world history, of Mussolini, Hitler, racism and mass killings. Consequently, if you claim to fight fascism you are sure to win the sympathy of the masses. All the more so if you carry the battle cry in your name, like “Antifa.”

For years, the media and left-wing politicians have romanticized Antifa’s black clad thugs as urban revolutionaries in the spirit of Robin Hood. During the first presidential debate Joe Biden waved off Antifa as merely “an idea, not an organization.”

In reality, the name “Antifaschistische Aktion” is a cynical marketing scam to obscure the ultimate and active goal of destroying America and democracy, itself. Investigative reporter Andy Ngo follows Antifa’s trail of destruction back to their headquarters in his new, eye opening expose, Unmasked.”

With meticulous, on-the-ground, first hand reporting, he exposes Antifa’s fighting tactics, indoctrination techniques, and terrorist plots. Ngo names names. As he explains, “Antifa are no longer a fringe group of radicals wreaking havoc in a handful of cities in America.” The violent extremists have become distressingly mainstream. Deploying left-wing, populist slogans, the anarchists have achieved “tremendous success through finding fellow travelers in education, journalism, the legal profession, and politics.”

Ngo was brutally beaten during a 2019 Antifa protest in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, suffering a traumatic brain injury. He turns to the Portland police for justice. They soon prove impotent at best, cowardly and complicit at worst. In a grotesque twist, the son of Vietnamese refugees who fled to the freedom and safety of the United States is forced to flee his permissive adopted home. From a safe perch in London (for the moment), he tells Die Weltwoche “There’s an escalating threat of violence against me.”

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Examples in History of Protesters Taking Over Federal Buildings

In 2018, protesters stormed and occupied the Hart Senate Office Building across the street from the Capitol building to try to prevent Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. ABC News said the leftist protesters “gathered” and casually noted they were charged with “unlawful demonstration.” This week, however, ABC wrote that Capitol Hill pro-Trump protesters were a “mob” who “broke into the Capitol” via an “invasion,” quoting DC Mayor Muriel Bowser as saying it was “textbook terrorism.”

During the Women’s March protest on January 21, 2017, the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the organization publicly planned to shut down the Capitol Building, and the Capitol Police promptly shut it down. However, on January 6th, 2021, the Capitol Police actually led pro-Trump protestors (and infiltrators) INTO the Capitol.

In 1956, four armed Puerto Rican nationalists who wanted independence from the US, entered the gallery in the Capitol, and shot and wounded five Congressmen. -GEG

The Mark O. Hafield federal courthouse building in Portland, Oregon was targeted for destruction by Antifa for months on end during violent riots that left many law enforcement officers injured and even blinded by lasers. The biased media did not condemn the assault on the federal buildings.

From Jon Rappoport:

CBS News, October 4, 2018: “Protesters opposed to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh took over a Senate office building on Thursday, with actresses Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski among the demonstrators detained. The Senate will hold a procedural vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination on Friday, setting in motion a possible final vote on Saturday.”

“New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand addressed protesters, telling them, ‘This is a moment about all of you — all of you are speaking truth to power because you care about the future, you care about our children, you care about who is leading this country and who sits on the highest court in the land’.”

“Capitol police said about 300 people were detained. In a video shared widely on Twitter, Schumer said ‘I think we’re going to get arrested’.”

Women’s March tweeted: “We were planning to shut down the Capitol Building but the authorities were so scared of this #WomensWave that they shut it down for us. 1000+ women, survivors, and allies have gathered in the Hart Senate Building. Every hallway. Every floor.”

Very easy-going press coverage. No problem. No outrage. No accusations of Insurrection from the mainstream press.

It was a protest from the Left, covered by the Left. And the Capitol Police promptly shut down the original target: the Capitol Building. They didn’t lead the protestors INTO the Capitol, as they astonishingly did a few days ago, on January 6.

Here’s another item from 2018 on the same protest—ABC News: “Capitol Hill police said 128 people were arrested for ‘unlawfully demonstrating’ outside of senators’ offices and in the main rotunda of the Russell Senate Building. About half as many protesters were arrested for protesting Kavanaugh on Thursday.”

Ho-hum. Another day at the office. Not a word about “the desecration of our democracy.”

Now if you really want to revisit a chaotic moment in federal-building takeovers, let’s go back to 1954. The US House of Representatives Archives has an account:

“On March 1, 1954, while Members gathered on the House Floor for an upcoming vote, three men and one woman entered the visitor’s gallery above the chamber and quietly took their seats. All four belonged to the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and only hours earlier had traveled from New York City to Washington, DC.”

“The United States had annexed Puerto Rico in 1898, and the island’s relationship with the federal government had long been a point of contention. Some Puerto Ricans sought to maintain their relationship with the mainland, and others, like the four visitors in the House that day, argued for an independent Puerto Rico.”

“The Capitol had few security protocols at the time, and the four Puerto Rican nationalists entered the gallery armed with handguns. Around 2:30 p.m. they indiscriminately opened fire onto the House Floor and unfurled a Puerto Rican flag in a violent act of protest meant to draw attention to their demand for Puerto Rico’s immediate independence.”

“Five Congressmen were wounded in the shooting.”

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Washington, DC: Pro-Trump Activist Bevelyn Beatty and Two Proud Boys Stabbed While Rescuing a Man

Washington, DC: Pro-Trump activist and patriot Bevelyn Beatty was stabbed in the back, and two Proud Boys were stabbed, one in the neck and another in the ear, while attempting to help an older man who was being assaulted, and was also stabbed by Black Lives Matter supporters according to reports.

Pro-Trump activist Bevelyn Beatty and multiple Proud Boys were stabbed in DC while attempting to help another person who was being assaulted.

Proud Boys founder Enrique Tarrio tells Gateway Pundit that he was slashed in the stomach, Beatty was stabbed in the back, and multiple other members of the men’s social group were stabbed and are now hospitalized with serious wounds.

A law enforcement confirmed to TGP that the group was walking down the street, away from the protests, when they saw an older man being stabbed and intervened.

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Seattle: Majority of the Rioters at BLM Protests Were from Out of Town, and Almost 50% Were White Men

An analysis of nearly 100 arrest records found only 32% of those arrested listed Seattle as their hometown, while the majority were from communities outside the city. Nearly 50% of people arrested during Seattle’s violent demonstrations were white, 18% were black and 28% did not have the race listed on the reports.  Arrest reports indicate the common thread among most suspects is their hostility toward government, the police, and corporate America.

City prosecutors have declined to charge 143 suspects and about 110 others are awaiting charging decisions. Of eight cases where charges have been filed, the city attorney’s office dismissed the complaints in six. One of the most disturbing videos of the riots was of a man smashing a metal baseball bat into the head of Seattle police officer who was wearing a bike helmet. Jacob Greenburg, 19, the stepson of former Kirkland State Representative Laura Ruderman, is accused of the attack.

When violence erupted in downtown Seattle in late May, Ed Little was disturbed by the images of looting and violence he saw on television.

“I thought it was crazy. That shouldn’t be happening at all,” said Little, who believed that peaceful protests against police brutality were hijacked by criminals.

Weeks later, there was a knock at the door of Little’s Everett apartment when police came to arrest his 25-year-old son and search the family’s apartment.

“It’s hard to believe. We don’t know Jake like that. It’s not the kind of boy he is,” Little said.

In September, federal prosecutors accused Jacob Little of stealing an M4 rifle from the back of a charred Seattle police vehicle on May 30 during riots that broke out that weekend over the death of George Floyd.

In documents charging Little with possession of a stolen firearm, investigators say a tipster led them to Little, an employee at a janitorial service in Mukilteo who worked a second, part-time job at an appliance store to help support his parents.

Little has no prior criminal record and has pleaded “not guilty” to the federal charges.

“He’s not a troublemaker. Not normally. He doesn’t go out looking for trouble,” said a baffled Ed Little.

A KING 5 Investigators analysis of nearly 100 arrest records related to the Seattle protests shows that Jacob Little fits the typical profile of the people accused of veering into criminal activity.

The suspects are mostly white men who came into Seattle from communities outside the city to commit their crimes.

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Woman Arrested After Driving Car into California Pro-Trump Demonstration

Yorba Linda, California: The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that 40-year-old Tatiana Turner was arrested for investigation of attempted murder and assault. She allegedly drove her car into a crowd of Trump supporters in a parking lot at a pro-Trump demonstration that was counter-protesting a group against systemic racism and police brutality, Caravan for Justice, and several scuffles broke out between the groups before the incident. Two people who were hit by the car were taken to a nearby hospital with major but non-life threatening injuries.

In a separate incident in Hollywood, a driver of a pick-up truck struck a leftist militant who tried to block his truck. Los Angeles police said that the driver was attempting to maneuver through the crowd when protesters began beating the vehicle with sticks, and was trying to get away.

A woman who authorities say drove a car into a crowd during a Southern California demonstration against police brutality, striking and injuring two people, has been arrested for investigation of attempted murder and assault.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement late Saturday that 40-year-old Tatiana Turner of Long Beach was booked into jail.

Turner drove a car into a crowd at a demonstration against police brutality and systemic racism Saturday that drew protesters and counter-protesters to the city of Yorba Linda, the statement said. The event was organized by a group called Caravan for Justice and Turner was believed to be part of the group, authorities said.

Sheriff’s authorities said about 150 people initially showed up for the demonstration in the small city some 30 miles (48 kilometers) southeast of downtown Los Angeles. About a half hour later, authorities received reports of fights breaking out between the two groups and declared an unlawful assembly, the statement said. One man was arrested for failing to obey an order for the crowd to disperse.

Turner was arrested after driving a car in a library parking lot that struck at least two people who were taken to a nearby hospital with major but non-life threatening injuries, the statement said.

Turner is being held on $1 million bail and expected to appear in court on Tuesday, according to a county website. It was not immediately known if she had a lawyer.

On Thursday night, a protester was struck by a pickup truck during a march in Hollywood and suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Los Angeles police said Friday the preliminary investigation found that the driver was attempting to maneuver through the crowd when protesters began beating the vehicle with sticks.

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Minneapolis: Body Discovered in Building Burned by Rioters in May

Riots broke out in Minneapolis nearly two months ago, following the death of George Floyd, and a charred body was discovered in the remains of a local pawn shop that was set ablaze by rioters. The man who died suffered thermal injury and police say they have a suspect, Montez Terrill Lee, who was charged with setting fire to the building. Lee was caught on video pouring liquid form a metal container throughout the pawn shop. If the death of the unidentified victim is ruled a homicide, it will be the second fatality resulting from the Minneapolis riots, and the 36th in the city so far this year, compared to 18 murders int he city for the entire year in 2019. -GEG

Atlanta: 8-Year-Old Girl Shot to Death by Armed Protesters Blocking Street

Police reported that 8-year-old Secoriea Turner was riding in a car with her mom and another adult when the car exited the freeway near the near the burned-down Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed. The mother was attempting to make a U-turn when they were confronted by a group of armed individuals who were blocking the entrance. The armed protest mob hit the car multiple times and then opened fire on the car.

On Sunday, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms finally told far left protesters to disperse after the 8-year-old girl was murdered. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency and authorized the activation of up to 1,000 National Guard troops after a weekend of violence in Atlanta left five people dead.

Atlanta Police held a press conference Tuesday evening where investigators revealed new video footage from a July 4th shooting that killed 8-year-old Secoriea Turner.

The little girl was fatally shot while inside a vehicle traveling on University Avenue in the area where Rayshard Brooks was killed. Atlanta Lt. Pete Malacki says the vehicle encountered a makeshift road block that was manned by several armed individuals.

“The driver of that vehicle attempted to go around that roadblock. At which point that vehicle was immediately met with gunfire resulting in the death of an 8-year-old child,” said Malacki during the press conference.


A video of a black male armed with an AR-15 shows one of several persons of interest in the fatal shooting.

“We do believe that vehicle was targeted,” added Malacki who also stated the vehicle was shot at least eight times.

On Monday, the child’s grieving parents pleaded for their daughter’s killers to come forward.

“They killed my baby because they crossed a barrier and made a u-turn. You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody,” said the father.

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France: Police Shoot Yellow-Vest Protester in the Head from Behind – Riot Police Now Carry Loaded Automatic Weapons

Olivier Beziade, a fireman who joined France’s Yellow Vest protest movement, is in critical condition after being shot in the head, from behind, by a police officer using a flash-ball gun. An officer can be seen throwing a stun grenade towards the fireman as the shot was fired. Mr. Beziade suffered a ‘very serious brain injury’ and currently is in an induced coma. President Macon has sent an increasing number of armed police into the streets and, for the first time, riot police were seen brandishing live ammunition and semi-automatic weapons in front of Yellow-Vest demonstrators. -GEG

Shocking video shows fireman Yellow Vest protestor shot in the back
of the head by French police, leaving him with serious brain injuries,
as protests against Macron continue

  • Olivier Beziade, a father-of-three, is in a coma after the Bordeaux shooting
  • The incident on Saturday, the 9th week of Yellow Vest anti-government protests
  • Mr Beziade’s wife said police shot at them like rabbits as an inquiry is opened

A fireman who joined France‘s
Yellow Vest protest movement is in a coma after being shot in the head
‘like a rabbit’ by a police officer using a controversial flash ball

Horrific images show Olivier
Beziade, a father-of-three in his 30s, lying on the floor in Bordeaux on
Saturday after being hit from behind.

He is wearing one of the high-visibility motoring jackets from which the Yellow Vests get their name.

Videos posted on social media also show Mr Beziade being treated by medics, with his head covered in blood.

Mr Beziade suffered a ‘very serious brain injury’ and is currently in an induced coma in hospital, said family members.

comes as the Yellow Vest law and order crisis enveloping Emmanuel
Macron’s administration intensifies, and the president floods French
streets with an increasing number of armed police.

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Pro-Communist Antifa Member Hit by Truck While Protesting a Christian Rally

Portland: An activist with the Antifa movement, was hit by a truck Saturday when he ran into traffic, as confirmed by video. He was protesting against an event called “March for Jesus”. In this video, he is seen referring to a Christian flag as a “white supremacist symbol.” The driver of the truck was not connected with the event. -GEG

An activist who identified as part of the Antifa movement was hit by a truck while protesting against an event called “March for Jesus” on Saturday, RT reports.

Video from the scene captured by Ruptly shows Antifa protesters shouting pro-Communist slogans into a megaphone while demonstrating against a Christian event in Portland, Oregon.

The protester who was eventually hit by the vehicle is seen referring to a Christian flag with a cross on it as a “white supremacist symbol.”

The accident reportedly broke the Antifa protester’s hip.

According to RT, the “March for Jesus” was organized by Patriot Prayer, a group led by Trump supporter Joey Gibson. Gibson is heard dedicating his event to Jesus during a speech featured in the Ruptly video.

Gibson has led a multitude of events in the Portland area, and conflict with Antifa is common.

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