South Africa: Trump Responds While Mainstream Media Covers Up Murders and Land Expropriation of White Farmers

August 24, 2018 Information Liberation 1

President Trump’s request for the State Department to monitor SA, although sounding like it might bring a shift in State Department policy, was meaningless. Even though the country has not yet changed its constitution, it already has begun taking farm land without compensation. The constitutionality is of little importance to dictators.


South Africa: White Boer Farmers May Settle in Russia to Escape Genocide

July 20, 2018 Red Pill Shark 2

South Africa: Boer farmers, who descended from Dutch settlers, are being brutally slaughtered due to racial animosity, and because they own great swaths of land that the Bantu people are told was stolen from them. South Africa is arid, and the Boer farmers who developed modern agricultural skills made the land sufficiently productive to feed the nation.


South Africa: Polygraph Analyst Identifies Who Is Murdering White Farmers

April 16, 2018 The Red Elephants 3

Farm attacks are ‘inside jobs’ as employees provide detailed security information to the hit squads who commit the murders. The motivation is to steal guns, money and jewelry. Kaiser says that rape, torture and murder are pre-planned and are related to witchcraft. She explains how farmers can avoid attacks as very few arrests are made and when there is an arrest, the police are paid off to lose the dockets so there is no prosecution.


Australia Retracts Offer to Allow White Farmers from South Africa to Immigrate

April 4, 2018 Lauren Southern 2

Australia rescinded a proposal to allow the immigration of white farmers from South Africa who are in danger as their land now is being expropriated by the government and violence against them escalates. South African leaders claim that the white minority are not being persecuted, but reporter, Lauren Southern, visited South Africa recently and documented the brutal violence against whites.


South Africa: The Concealed History of WInnie (and Nelson) Mandela

April 4, 2018 Stefan Molyneux 1

Stefan Molyneux tells the monstrous but largely unknown truth about Winnie Mandela, who died this week at the age of 81. She was convicted of kidnapping, torturing, and murdering numerous men, women, and children, including a 14-year old boy who was tortured for days. Despite this, she held a high office in the ANC. Mainstream culture lionizes murderers like the Mandelas and has devolved into a culture of hate. (Click on link for full commentary)