BLM Slammed for Protesting Cops for Shooting Armed Man who Opened Fire on Neighbor

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg, a 20-year-old black male, fired bullets into the home of a single mother and her two children both under 5 years of age. Minneapolis police snipers fatally shot Sundberg from a roof of an apartment building across the street following a six-hour standoff. Black Lives Matter protesters converged at Sunberg’s home, but faced backlash from Arabella Yarbrough, the neighbor whom Sunberg had reportedly been trying to shoot when police were called. A video featuring Arabella Yarbrough has gone viral; she can be seen imploring the protesters, who included Sunberg’s adoptive parents, to go home. The Sundbergs have retained and attorney. She said, “This is not a George Floyd situation. George Floyd was unarmed. My kids have to deal with this and probably have a mental illness now because they almost lost their lives.” She continued, “There’s bullet holes in the kitchen because he sat in the f*cking hallway watching my move. This is not okay. Go home!”

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Statement from the suspect’s family:

The victim in Thursday’s active shooter situation at a Minneapolis apartment building slammed Black Lives Matter activists for protesting outside her apartment building after a violent armed suspect was fatally shot by Minneapolis police after a 6 hour standoff.

Suspect Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg, a 20-year-old black male, fired bullets into the Minneapolis home of a single mother and her two children both under 5 years of age.

The incident led to a six hour standoff between Teckle Sundberg and Minneapolis police officers on Thursday evening, The Hill reports. According to police documents, police snipers fatally shot Sundberg from a roof of an apartment building across the street. That fatal shooting brought protesters and activists to the apartment building where Sundberg was shooting, and was then shot.

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Akron, Ohio: Police Shot Black Man to Death after Gunshot from Car and Foot Chase

Akron, Ohio: Police tried to pull over black motorist Jayland Walker, 25, but he refused to stop. Police said officers “reported a firearm being discharged from the suspect vehicle” and he jumped out of the passenger side of the car. Police chased him on foot. Officers independently reported seeing Walker turn in a way that they thought might be a firing position during the chase. Police first tried to stop Walker with stun guns, but when that failed, they opened fire. A gun was found inside Walker’s car, but he was unarmed when police shot him. A casing was discovered at that location consistent with a firearm that Mr. Walker had in his vehicle. Eight officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.

Protests erupted after Walker was reported to be unarmed and was shot by police 60 to 90 times. The medical examiner observed 60 wounds to Walker’s body, but he said the injuries had not been differentiated between entrance and exit wounds. The city of Akron canceled its Fourth of July fireworks and imposed a 9 pm curfew as city officials expected more protests over the fatal police shooting.

Ohio police released graphic body camera video and additional details Sunday about the shooting of Black motorist Jayland Walker, showing for the first time the moment eight officers released a barrage of bullets at Walker as he ran.

Akron officers said they tried to stop Walker, 25, last Monday on unspecified traffic violations and chased him when he did not pull over, police said in a statement. Police said officers “reported a firearm being discharged from the suspect vehicle” during the pursuit early Monday.

Walker then jumped out of his car and officers chased him on foot, police said.

“Actions by the suspect caused the officers to perceive he posed a deadly threat to them,” police said. “In response to this threat, officers discharged their firearms, striking the suspect.”

Police said at a news conference Sunday that officers pursued Walker’s car on the expressway for several minutes before they exited on a ramp.

After the chase on city streets, Walker’s car slowed, and he got out through the passenger side door as the car continued to roll forward, police said. Officers tried to stop Walker using stun guns and opened fire after the stun guns failed, according to the department’s retelling.

Police Chief Steve Mylett did not know the traffic or equipment violation officers cited in trying to pull Walker over.

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Michigan: Mainstream Media Pushes False Narrative about Police Shooting

Grand Rapids, Michigan: The mainstream media coverage of the police shooting that killed suspect Patrick Lyoya, a 26-year old black refugee from the Congo, is designed to antagonize the public instead of presenting the facts of the case. Mr. Lyoya had a criminal record that includes a conviction for a violent crime against a pregnant woman, an arrest for theft of a vehicle that was dismissed, and a DUI. The license plate on Lyoya’s car did not belong to the car he was driving, and it may possibly be a stolen vehicle. The investigation is incomplete at this time. The officer physically tried to arrest Lyoya after he refused to show his license and tried to leave the scene. The officer tackled Lyoya after he resisted and the two struggled. The officer tried use the taser when Lyoya grabbed it and another struggle ensued. The officer then shot Lyoya in the back of the head with his pistol. CNN neglected to inform that Lyoya grabbed the weapon.

The lethal shot was not a response to a traffic infraction, as presented by the media, but was a reaction to Lyoya fighting for control over the officer’s taser weapon that could have caused death or great bodily injury to the officer.

BLM and far-left protesters blocked the street in Grand Rapids and threatened a driver with a gun.

Minneapolis Mayor Halts ‘No-Knock’ Warrants after Police Fatally Shoot Man

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey imposed a moratorium on no-knock warrants in the city following the fatal police shooting of Amir Locke, 22, who was a legal gun owner. Police body-cam footage showed Locke covered in a blanket, appearing to be sleeping on the couch, awakening, and holding a gun, when a Minneapolis Police Department SWAT team served a no-knock search warrant as part of a homicide investigation. Locke was not named in the search warrant. He was shot three times and died within minutes. There is a dispute whether the police announced their presence before entering, which is the official policy.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey imposed a moratorium on both the request and execution of no-knock warrants in the city on Friday following the fatal police shooting of Amir Locke this week.

“No matter what information comes to light, it won’t change the fact that Amir Locke’s life was cut short,” Frey said in a statement, CBS Minnesota reports. “To ensure safety of both the public and officers until a new policy is crafted, I’m issuing a moratorium on both the request and execution of such warrants in Minneapolis.”

There is one exception to the moratorium: when there is “an imminent threat of harm to an individual or the public,” the mayor’s office said. In such a case, the warrant would need to be approved by the Interim Chief Amelia Huffman. In all other cases, warrants must be executed with officers knocking on a door, announcing their presence, and waiting a reasonable time before entering.

Locke, 22, was fatally shot Wednesday morning in a downtown apartment after a SWAT team burst in the door, executing a no-knock warrant. Locke, who was wrapped in a blanket on a couch at the time, sat up with a gun, body-camera video of the shooting showed. Locke, a legal gun owner, was shot three times, and died minutes later.

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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Calls for End to Police Foot Chase after Police Killed 13-Year Old Boy, New Video Shows He May Have Dropped a Gun.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called for police reform and an end to the foot-pursuit policy following the police shooting of 13-year old Adam Toledo on March 29, 2021. Police responded to a report of gunfire and Adam and 21-year-old Ruben Roman allegedly ran away from police when an officer chased Adam down an alley, telling him to stop, show his hands and to “drop it.” Less than a second passed from the time Toledo was seen holding the weapon to when he raised his empty hands and was shot by a police officer, police said.

New enhanced video shows that Adam was holding an object police say was a gun, and a firearm was recovered near the body at the scene. Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said that Adam’s right hand tested positive for gunshot residue. There is evidence that Adam may have belonged to a gang as tributes to him by his friends referred to him as “Lil Homicide’ and ‘Bvby Diablo’. The Latin Kings have reportedly instructed members to shoot at unmarked squad cars as revenge for Adam’s death.

Warning: graphic video (this is the original video that was released, before enhancement)

The Chicago Police Department released enhanced bodycam footage it says shows that the 13-year-old who was shot dead by cops last month was holding a gun just before he was killed.

The bodycam footage released Thursday by the CPD shows Adam Toledo running in an alley before being ordered to stop and put his hands up, according to CBS 2 Chicago.

The enhanced video released later in the day — which is slowed down and paused at times — shows what cops say is a gun in the seventh-grader’s right hand.

In real time, less than a second passes from the time Toledo is seen holding the weapon to when he is shot by a police officer, police said.

“Police, stop, stop right f—-g now,” Officer Eric Stillman is heard saying as he chases the teen down an alley. “Hands. Show me your f—-g hands.”

“Drop it, drop it,” the 34-year-old cop yells, before Toledo is seen turning around and the cop fires a single shot.

Cops were responding to reports of gunshots in the area when they encountered Toledo and another suspect.

Police have maintained the Little Village incident was an armed confrontation, and a weapon was recovered.

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Full story from WGN news:  https://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/videos-show-adam-toledo-13-may-have-dropped-gun-as-he-raised-his-hands-when-cpd-officer-fatally-shot-him/

Minnesota: Riots and Looting Break Out after Black Man Resisting Arrest Was Shot and Killed by Police

A White police officer shot and killed Daunte Wright as he resisted arrest. She says she mistakenly shot him with her gun when she intended to use her taser to subdue him. She has been arrested and charged with second degree manslaughter. The police chief and city manager have left office. Riots have raged since the shooting on Sunday night. -GEG

Warming – graphic videos

Summary by JW Williams

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota: On Sunday, April 11, Daunte Wright, a black man, was shot during a traffic stop by a white female police officer, Kim Potter, when he escaped from handcuffs, got into his vehicle, and appeared to be reaching for something. Video shows Potter preparing to apply cuffs when Wright broke free and tried to escape. At the time of the stop, there was a warrant out for Wright’s arrest for bail violations related to a 2019 attempted aggravated robbery and ‘choking and holding a woman at gunpoint for $820,’ court papers revealed.

After Officer Potter mistook her gun for a taser and killed Wright, she resigned and was arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter. Nightly rioting in Brooklyn Center began the night of the shooting. Cars were smashed, and about 20 businesses were looted and trashed, including Footlocker. The company donated $200-million dollars to Black Lives Matter causes in the past year. Last June, Nike pledged $40-million over four years to “black community organizations”. BLM has raised $10.6 billion.

Brooklyn Park Police Department headquarters was “shot up”, and officers were pelted with cans of pop and concrete blocks. Police Chief Tim Gannon resigned after facing backlash from reporters during a press briefing because he called the riot a riot. Some press members insisted there was no riot. Brooklyn Center City Manager Curt Boganey was fired for saying that Officer Potter should receive ‘due process’ following the shooting.





Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol Has Been Identified

On January 6th, 2021, Ashli Babbitt was shot to death on January 6, 2021 in the Capitol building by a Capitol police officer. 50 days later, the officer was finally identified in photos before and during the shooting, but his name is being withheld from Ashli Babbit’s attorneys. -GEG

On January 6th, 2021, Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt was executed by a Capitol Police Officer who seemed to hold no restraint.

50 days later, the Capitol Police Officer responsible has been identified in photos before and during the shooting.

The Police Lieutenant’s name is being withheld from Ashli Babbit’s attorneys.

Before killing Ashli, the Officer is seen aiming his firearm at fellow colleagues.

You can see the Officer disregards nearly every basic firearm safety rule in the book. His finger is wrapped around the trigger, while his firearm is aimed in the direction of his colleagues.

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Excerpt from Real Clear Investigations:

Also, the officer said he heard reports of shots fired in the building earlier during the upheaval, and feared that the rioters on the other side of the doors had guns. But it turns out the reports were in error — the sound of glass being broken had been mistaken for gunfire. No other shots were fired that day.

He also told investigators he heard reports that pipe bombs had been found elsewhere in the area and worried that the rioters might be carrying explosives. Babbitt was wearing a backpack, which allegedly compounded his fears.

The lieutenant also said he believed his own life was in danger. It’s not clear why he decided to stand his ground rather than retreat and seek out reinforcements. Well-armed Secret Service agents were standing guard nearby in the House chamber.

In contrast, another Capitol Police officer, Eugene Goodman, retreated when confronted by a horde of rioters in a stairwell, joining up with other officers who together defused the situation. He was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his actions.


Leaked Documents Reveal Breonna Taylor’s Involvement with Suspected Drug Dealer. Her Family Agrees to $12 Million Settlement.

Leaked documents from the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) investigation into the police shooting of Breonna Taylor reveal information that differs from the mainstream narrative, as she was involved with Jamarcus Glover, a suspected drug dealer, and evidence indicates that she may have aided him in his criminal activity. In 2016, the brother of an associate of Jamarcus Glover was found dead in a vehicle rented by Breonna Taylor. The 39-page report from the LMPD investigation includes surveillance images and recorded phone calls between Jamarcus Glover, Breonna Taylor and others named in the warrants.

The report, published on Brandon Tatum’s website, indicates that Breonna Taylor posted bail for Jamarcus Glover on two occasions. He listed the address of her apartment as his home address on banking documents and vehicle registration. She accepted packages addressed to Glover at her apartment.  Glover was recorded in jail saying that Breonna Taylor was handling his money.

Police did knock before they entered Breonna’s apartment. Police say that they announced themselves, but the man who was with Breonna in her apartment, Kenneth Walker, disputes this. Walker admitted shooting first and police shot back; Breonna, who was standing in the hallway, was shot to death. The police were not wearing their body cameras, even though it is required to do so when serving a warrant.

Breonna Taylor’s family agreed to settle their ‘wrongful death’ lawsuit against the police for $12 million without benefit or expense of a trial in civil court.

Link to 39-page leaked LMPD report:


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Pennsylvania: Man Charged Police with a Knife and Was Shot to Death. Black Lives Matter and Antifa Riot.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Ricardo Munoz, a non-white man who charged at a lone police officer with a knife, fell, and was then shot to death by the policeman on Sunday, September 13. Riots broke out after false rumors spread that an “unarmed,” “autistic,” “black” man or an “autistic 14-year-old child” was shot and killed by police. Police say that Munoz’ sister called them when her brother was reportedly becoming aggressive with his mother and was attempting to break into her house. Munoz’ sister said that he was bipolar, schizophrenic and off his medications, and that she was just trying to get mental-health aid when she called authorities.

Last year, Munoz was allegedly beaten after his video game console was stolen and he is accused of entering a home and stabbing four people in retaliation, including a 16-year old boy whose face was slashed. He was charged with four counts of felony assault and was initially held on $1 million bail. He was reportedly released without paying any bail, and was placed on electronic monitoring. His trial date was originally set for March, but was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Los Angeles Sheriff’s Shooting of Dijon Kizzee Sparks Protests and Riots

On September 2nd, Dijon Kizzee, a black man who was stopped for a bicycle code violation, hopped off the bike and fled, carrying bundled clothes. LA Sheriffs say that Kizzee punched one of the officers and during the scuffle, a semi-automatic handgun fell from Kizzee’s clothing and when he made a move to retrieve the firearm, the sheriff’s deputies opened fire and killed Kizzee. News reports indicate that LA Sheriffs do not yet have body cameras. A surveillance video from a neighbor has been released, but is inconclusive whether Kizzee was reaching for a gun. Kizzee’s family says that as many as 15 shots were fired as he was running away. Protesters are demanding that the two unidentified sheriffs deputies be arrested and charged with murder. Los Angeles County put a security hold on the autopsy report. Protests have turned into riots, Protesters chanted, “Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground” and “No cops, no prisons, total abolition.” The recent ambush attack on two sheriff’s deputies may be related to the Kizzee case.

At least 200 people gathered in South Los Angeles on Saturday again to protest against the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department shooting death of Dijon Kizzee.

The 29-year-old was shot and killed on August 31 after authorities tried to stop him on his bicycle for an unspecified vehicle code violation.

According to deputies, there was a short foot chase that ended up with a scuffle between Kizzee and a deputy.

Kizzee, who was carrying clothing in his hand at the time of the incident, dropped it to the ground and deputies say he motioned toward a weapon that fell, prompting them to open fire.

Community activists and family members say that the deputies shot Kizzee in the back while he was unarmed.

LASD deputies are not required to wear body cameras, and so the exact amount of times Kizzee was shot and other details about the shooting remain unclear, however, an attorney for Kizzee’s family alleges he was shot as many as 20 times.

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Kenosha, Wisconsin: Police Shot a Black Man, Sparking Riots and Vandalism

Kenosha, Wisconsin: Jacob Blake, a 29-year old black man, was shot by police after he struggled with police, resisted arrest and walked to his vehicle while officers had their guns drawn. Blake appears to have been shot in the back. It is unknown if Blake was armed. Blake is still in the hospital and his father reported that he is paralyzed from the waist down. Hundreds of rioters tore up businesses and started fires.

A man who said he made the 20-second video that went viral said that he saw Blake scuffling with three officers and heard them yell, “Drop the knife! Drop the knife!” before the gunfire erupted. He said he didn’t see a knife in Barnes’ hands. Kenosha police do not have body cameras but do have body microphones. Democrat Governor Tony Evers has called in the National Guard.

Kenosha County prosecutors charged Blake on July 6 with sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse, and there was a warrant out for his arrest. Blake was arrested in 2015 for pulling a gun on bar patrons.

Nearly 24 hours after Jacob Blake was shot by Kenosha police seven times, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul promised a swift investigation with integrity during a news conference Monday afternoon, Aug. 24. The shooting sparked violent protests starting Sunday night and prompted the governor to call in the Wisconsin National Guard, with a curfew in effect for a second night.

Kaul would not answer questions Monday about the officers involved but said more information would be available in the coming days.

“Our role is to be an independent investigating agency,” said Kaul, with the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation leading this investigation.

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Antifa-BLM Shot at a Police Officer at His Home During a Protest

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin: On Saturday, Officer Joseph Mensah, a black policeman, reported that he was being physically assaulted outside his home . A shotgun was fired into his home after a group of 50 to 60 people gathered there to protest against the officer because he had fatally shot three people over five years in service. The mob also vandalized his home. He said it was ironic that the gang chanted “Black Lives Matter, but had no regard for him, his girlfriend, or the three children inside the house. -GEG

Wauwatosa police say Officer Joseph Mensah was physically assaulted outside his home Saturday night and a single shotgun round was fired into the home after a group of 50 to 60 people gathered there to protest the officer who has fatally shot three people over five years.

Mensah’s record has caught national attention and spurred multiple protests locally. He was suspended with pay in July by the Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission, and the families of his three victims say they plan to pursue legal action.

On Saturday, protesters began to vandalize Mensah’s home around 8:05 p.m., according to a news release from Wauwatosa police. Mensah “attempted to establish a dialog but was ultimately physically assaulted,” the release said.

As Mensah went inside, “armed protesters approached the rear door and a single shotgun round was discharged by a member of the group into Officer Mensah’s backdoor,” the release continues.

Several other police departments were called to help disperse the crowd.

In a Facebook post, Mensah said he was home with his girlfriend and that the shotgun shell missed hitting him by inches.

“I am all for peaceful protests, even against me, but this was anything but peaceful,” Mensah wrote.

“The irony in all of this is that they chanted Black Lives Matter the entire time, but had zero regard for any of the black children that live there or me, a black man,” his post continued.

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