Antifa High School Teacher Admits Turning Students into Communist Revolutionaries

Project Veritas published an undercover video featuring Gabriel Gipe, a high school teacher in Sacramento who admitted being a member of Antifa and working to turn his students into leftist revolutionaries. He told the reporter he has “180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries.” When asked how he accomplishes this goal, he said, “Scare the f**k out of them.” He motivates his students to join Antifa protests and activities by giving extra credit to those who attend. Gipe teaches government classes to advanced students at Inderkum High School in the Natomas Unified School District. Project Veritas will live stream the Natomas School Board meeting on Wednesday, September 1st, at this link: https://natomasunified.org/board-of-trustees/videos/ -GEG

  • Gabriel Gipe, AP Government Teacher, Inderkum High School: “I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries…Scare the f*ck out of them.”
  • Gipe: “I’m probably as far left as you can go.”
  • Gipe: “I post a calendar every week…I’ve had students show up for protests, community events, tabling, food distribution, all sorts of things…When they go, they take pictures, write up a reflection — that’s their extra credit.”
  • Gipe: “So, they [students] take an ideology quiz and I put [the results] on the [classroom] wall. Every year, they get further and further left…I’m like, ‘These ideologies are considered extreme, right? Extreme times breed extreme ideologies.’ Right? There is a reason why Generation Z, these kids, are becoming further and further left.”
  • Gipe: “I have an Antifa flag on my [classroom] wall and a student complained about that — he said it made him feel uncomfortable. Well, this [Antifa flag] is meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable, so if you feel uncomfortable, I don’t really know what to tell you. Maybe you shouldn’t be aligning with the values that this [Antifa flag] is antithetical to.”
  • Gipe: “Like, why aren’t people just taking up arms? Like why can’t we, you know — take up arms against the state? We have historical examples of that happening, and them getting crushed and being martyrs for a cause and it’s like — okay well, it’s slow going because it takes a massive amount of organization.”
  • Gipe: “I think that for [left-wing] movements in the United States, we need to be able to attack both [cultural and economic] fronts. Right? We need to create parallel structures of power because we cannot rely on the state…Consistently focusing on education and a change of cultural propaganda. We have to hit both fronts. We have to convince people that this is what we actually need.”
  • Gipe: “There are three other teachers in my department that I did my credential program with — and they’re rad. They’re great people. They’re definitely on the same page.”
  • Gipe: “Sacramento, as a city itself, is incredibly diverse. But we’re surrounded by a bunch of right-wing rednecks.”

[SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Aug. 31, 2021] Project Veritas released shocking new video today of California AP Government teacher, Gabriel Gipe, boasting about politically indoctrinating his students at Inderkum High School.

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NewsWars:    https://www.newswars.com/new-project-veritas-cali-high-school-teacher-reveals-hes-antifa-turning-children-into-revolutionaries/

Biden Executive Order Mandates Race ‘Training’ At Every Level Of The Federal Government

President Joe Biden signed an executive order last week that ensures that every part of the federal government will conduct race-conscious training and will embed DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility] in its hiring policies. In practice, federal agencies will employ Critical Race Theory (CRT), which holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. President Trump had issued an executive order banning such training in federal agencies, but Biden revoked Trump’s order on his first day in office.

Journalist Chris Rufo says that Critical Race Theory promotes these concepts: white privilege, white fragility, oppressor/oppressed, intersectionality, systemic racism, spirit murder, equity, antiracism, collective guilt, and affinity space. He says CRT is based in Marxism, which ultimately cost over 100 million human lives.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday that ensures that every part of the federal government will conduct race-conscious diversity training and engage in race-conscious hiring.

The executive order “establishes an ambitious, whole-of-government initiative that will take a systematic approach to embedding DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility] in Federal hiring and employment practices,” according to a White House fact sheet. In practice, it will ensure that federal agencies employ tenets associated with Critical Race Theory (CRT) within their hiring practices and day-to-day activities.

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600 Jewish Groups Declare Their Support for Black Lives Matter

Last week, over 600 Jewish groups placed a full-page ad in the New York Times declaring their support for the Black Lives Matter movement that is tearing America apart. Audrey Sasson, the executive director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, said that opponents of Black Lives Matter are guilty of antisemitism, because far-right “conspiracy theories that Black Lives Matter was being manipulated by Globalists and Marxists is an anti-Semitic attempt to undermine the Black-led movement.” The fact remains that Patrice Cullors, a founding member of BLM, has boasted that she is a ‘trained Marxist’, and the organization rigidly pursues the Marxist agenda. -GEG

Over 600 Jewish groups came together last week to take out a full-page ad in the New York Times declaring their unequivocal support for the Black Lives Matter terror uprising that is tearing America apart.

“We support the Black-led movement in this country that is calling for accountability and transparency from the government and law enforcement. We know that freedom and safety for any of us depends on the freedom and safety of all of us,” the letter read, which was published in the Times on Friday.

“As Jews, we know how dangerous this is: when politicians target Jewish people and blame us for problems, it leads directly to violence against us. When Black movements are undermined, it leads to more violence against Black people, including Black Jews,” the letter continued.

Audrey Sasson, the executive director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, said that opponents of Black Lives Matter are guilty of anti-Semitism.

“We were starting to see the far-right concoct conspiracy theories that Black Lives Matter was being manipulated by Globalists and Marxists in an anti-Semitic attempt to undermine the Black-led movement,” Sasson said.

“This brought an opportunity to unequivocally state as a large swath of Jewish community organizations that we stand behind Black Lives Matter and that any attempt to divide that movement will not land,” she added.

However, the organizers of Black Lives Matter have been explicit in their Marxist intentions from the outset.

Big League Politics has reported about Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors’ stunning admission that she is a “trained Marxist” agitating toward the destruction of the U.S. Bill of Rights and Constitution:

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Leftist ‘Occupy’ Group Plans 50-Day Siege of the White House to Overthrow the Republic

Adbusters, a Canadian activist group that helped incite the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and its imitators across the US is now declaring war on the Trump Administration, capitalism, and the American electoral process as it promotes a 50-day siege of the White House up to Election Day on November 3rd. They seek to “inspire a global movement of systemic change – a Global Spring – a cultural heave towards a new world order.” They plan to use other protest groups including Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Extinction Rebellion, and protests against Trump’s “bungling” of the coronavirus “crisis”, to assist in their campaign to further destroy the American Republic. -GEG

The little-known foreign organization which helped incite the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and its imitators in big cities across the U.S. a decade ago is now declaring war on the Trump Administration, capitalism, and the American electoral process as it invites agitators to D.C. to “lay siege to the White House” for 50 days before Election Day.

It is clear that the subversives behind this planned assault on the nation’s capital want Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to win.

They seek to “inspire a global movement of systemic change – a Global Spring – a cultural heave towards a new world order.”

Recruiting for a ‘revolution’

Hoping to tap into the ongoing roiling turmoil of Black Lives Matters (BLM) protests and Antifa destruction in many American cities over the last few months, Adbusters, a non-profit Canadian organization which calls itself “a global network of activists[,] writers[,] artists[,] designers[,] hackers[,] tricksters[,] poets[,] philosophers[,] and punks,” has begun publicizing its plans and offering “Tactical Briefings” via social media.

“On September 17, 2020 we will lay siege to The White House for exactly fifty days,” announces Adbusters’ July 28 Tweet, pinned at the top of the group’s Twitter page.  “We need your wisdom and expertise to pull off a radically democratic toneshift in our politics.”

“Are you ready for #revolution?” they ask. “This is the #WhiteHouseSiege.”

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Oregon Atty General Loses Court Motion To Prevent Feds From Stopping Rioters

Oregon’s far-left attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, sought a federal court order to prevent the feds from intervening in the ongoing riots in Portland. Her motion was denied today by a judge in the same courthouse that has been subjected to vandalism and arson. US District Judge Michael W. Mosman said that Rosenblum failed to establish that federal agents had a pattern or policy of widely arresting protesters in the streets and, therefore, the state lacks legal standing to seek to halt future incidents. Mosman wasn’t persuaded that danger was real. He discredited the state’s argument that Portland protesters would fear they were being kidnapped by far-right paramilitary groups.

As reported last week, Oregon’s far left attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, sought a federal court order to protect her terrorist friends and prevent the feds from intervening in the continuous riotous acts that have been ongoing in Portland. Her motion was DENIED today by a judge in the very same courthouse that has been subjected to the repeated vandalism and arson.

Willamette Week reports:

A federal judge on Friday afternoon denied a request by Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum to issue a temporary restraining order against federal officers making arrests of Portland protesters without probable cause.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman said Rosenblum had failed to provide sufficient evidence that such arrests were occurring widely in the streets of Portland or were part of a federal policy. (Disclosure: Rosenblum is married to the co-owner of WW‘s parent company.)

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Texas: Armed BLM Member Shot to Death After His Group Swarmed a Car with Armed Driver

BLM members and supporters marched in downtown Austin, blocking traffic in the intersection late Saturday night. When a car was forced to stop, marchers swarmed the vehicle, and one of them was carrying an AK-47. According to the sound recorded on several phonecams at the scene, there was a volley of rapid shots that may have come from the AK-47. A few seconds later, there were several more shots but with a different sound signature. When all was done, Garrett Foster, the BLM supporter, who was carrying the AK-47, was dead. Witnesses say that the driver of the car being swarmed (and possibly shot at) stepped out of his car and shot Foster with his pistol. Foster had been participating in the attack against the city for 50 days. When previously asked if he planned to use his gun, he said, “Nah… If I use it against the cops, I’m dead. I think all the people that hate us are too big a pussies to actually do anything about it.” -GEG


Garrett Foster wasinterviewed just before his death in the video above.

Click here for video of witness statement admitting the militant group was banging on car with their hands.

From Gateway Pundit:

UPDATE: Austin Police say that the man who was shot was carrying a rifle and may have approached the vehicle.

A protester has been shot and killed in Austin, Texas, by a driver whose car had been blocked in at an intersection.

The incident was captured on Facebook Live. It appears that the crowd was blocking traffic and possibly surrounding the car prior to the shooting.

“Someone got out of their car and shot one of the protesters,” the livestreamer said.

The victim, according to a woman on the stream, is the husband of a quadriplegic woman who was also attending the protest.

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US Government Teaching Race Theory that Deprecates the Caucasian Race

Whistleblower-leaked documents from the US Treasury Department reveal that the government is teaching that all white people contribute to racism and that white employees must accept their “unconscious bias, White privilege, and White fragility.” Howard Ross conducts the training and has billed taxpayers over $5-million for dozens of workshops throughout the federal government. -GEG


Hidden Agenda of Black Lives Matter – Elimination of the Family

Jake Morphonios compares the goals of Black Lives Matter, as described on their website, to The Communist Manifesto. The comparison reveals that the organization’s primary goal is a Communist America, not racial justice. In this presentation, he focuses on just one of the goals of Black Lives Matter that is taken directly from the Communist Manifesto: Destruction of the family unit. -GEG


The Origins of Black Neo-Marxism

Noel Ignatiev was a white American of Russian-Jewish origin and former Harvard professor who is considered to be the father of numerous radical black movements in America. He is the person who introduced the concept of ‘white privilege’ and who called for white women to ‘breed out’ while calling for white men to kill themselves. However, he wrote: “White” does not mean white. “White” in radical parlance means anyone of any race, creed, nationality, color, sex, or sexual preference who embraces capitalism, free markets, limited government, and American traditional culture and values.” Since the 1960s, all communist revolutionaries have known the maxim: “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” That is why the two wings of the Democrat party — the “white” Antifa and the “black” BLM — work together as one. They understand that race may be the apparent ‘issue’ but the real goal is communist revolution [under the banner of socialism]. -GEG

“White” does not mean white.  “White” in radical parlance means anyone of any race, creed, nationality, color, sex, or sexual preference who embraces capitalism, free markets, limited government, and American traditional culture and values.”

This philosophical concept belongs to Noel Ignatiev, a white American of Russian origin, who is the ideological founding father of numerous radical black movements in America.  The author of this concept was even lucky enough to see his best students — Black Lives Matter (BLM) — in action.

Research into the work of this former Harvard professor finally answered the question of why BLM proponents are so negative about the perfectly rational slogan “All Lives Matter.” The fact is that the “black” in the interpretation of Ignatiev is a revolutionary Marxist.  All those who do not agree with the Left ideology should, according to Ignatiev, be eliminated.

The slogan “All Lives Matter” blurs the concept of the enemy and brings confusion to the minds of revolutionaries.  That is why any mention of “All Lives Matter” (or its version in support of the police — “Blue Lives Matter”) provokes such an acute reaction of the Left.

According to Ignatiev, “black” is not the level of pigment in the skin, but the level of adherence to the Marxist doctrine.

According to this definition, the great American free-market economist Thomas Sowell, although he has quite enough black pigment, is not “black.” The conservative justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Clarence Thomas is not “black” either.  According to Ignatiev, many black Americans are not “black” just because they do not want to follow the Marxist dogma.

Noel Ignatiev (1940-2019) was born in America in a family of Jewish immigrants from Russia and was a third-generation communist.  Moreover, he was not just a member of the Communist Party of the USA from the age of 17 but belonged to its most radical, ultra-left Marxist-Leninist wing.  What was his most outstanding contribution to American philosophy? Here it is:

“Eventually white women can breed out, but my feeling is that if you are a white male, you should kill yourself now.  If you are a thoughtful person, with a social consciousness who considers himself white, you will consider suicide.”

It was he, a convinced, uncompromising, and resolute communist, who in 1967 proposed the doctrine of “white privilege.” Not as a racial term, but as a somewhat modified Marxist term of the class struggle.  The notorious “eradication of white privileges” is simply the standard Marxist wealth redistribution, expressed in newspeak.

Of course, the primary task for Ignatiev was never the physical extermination of whites.  He was talking about the ideological purification of the “whites” from the principles of private property, individualism, and freedom — all concepts profoundly alien to the Marxists.  Supporters of Ignatiev, aiming for socialism in America, have chosen a very peculiar way — the mass transformation of whites and squeezing out of them of all their “whiteness.” He sees a happy future as an all-American Gulag, where the re-education of “whites” into “blacks” takes place.

In this case, Ignatiev has no doubts about his righteousness:

“The goal of destroying the white race is simply so desirable, it boggles the mind trying to understand how anyone could possibly object to it.”

The showcase kitsch concentration camp CHAZ/Antifastan in Seattle, with its intolerance of dissent, is the pinnacle of the realization of Ignatieff’s ideas.

The kneeling of some American police offices, military personnel, and politicians in front of a crowd of “blacks” (“blacks” from a Marxist point of view, of course) is an acknowledgment of the supremacy of left-wing ideology over the law.  This is a recognition of the supremacy of the leftist dogma over the Constitution and the oath.

Kneeling is a confirmation that America is not suffering from systemic racism but from systemic neo-Marxism.

Before citing another statement of Ignatiev, let’s consider its antithesis:

“Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead black males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the black race’ is destroyed.”

No, this is not black racism.  This is a systematic, canonical, and “ideologically correct” approach to the class struggle, designed to accomplish a dogmatic Marxist wealth redistribution.  Why? Because since the 60s, all leftists have known the maxim: “The issue is never the issue.  The issue is always the revolution.”

That is why the two paramilitary wings of the Democrat party — the “white” Antifa and the “black” BLM — perfectly understand each other.  After all, the race is not a problem.  The main goal is the revolution.  (By the way, the “white” wing of the stormtroopers was also created by the communist: Soviet agent Ernst Thalmann established Antifa in Germany in 1932.)

BLM stormtroopers are trying to provoke a racial war in America in the hope that it will develop into a civil war — simply because it is much easier to make a revolution during a war.  One of the founders of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, does not hide the fact that BLM members are “trained Marxists” who “read Marx, Lenin, and Mao.”

Of course, the entire Ignatiev’s clink clank is hardly perceived by an unprepared audience.  Therefore, for brevity, we formulate the quintessence of Ignatieff’s philosophy in a simplified form: racism is a form of anti-communism (meaning the “white racism,” of course).

Actually, many readers are familiar with such definitions.  For example, “Zionism is a form of racism” has been an official UN slogan for many years.  Therefore, the militant anti-Semitism of paleocommunist Ignatiev should not surprise anyone. Indeed, according to Ignatiev, it follows that “Zionism is a form of anti-communism.” Moreover, Ignatiev hated Christianity as much as Judaism (he especially hated Christmas and, oddly enough, Christmas trees).

The Race Traitor magazine published a policy article by Ignatiev in 1997 entitled “The Point Is Not To Interpret Whiteness But To Abolish It”:

“When it comes to abolishing the white race, the task is not to win over more whites to oppose “racism”; there are “anti-racists” enough already to do the job.  The task is to gather together a minority determined to make it impossible for anyone to be white.  It is a strategy of creative provocation.”

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BLM Founder Admits She Is A “Trained Marxist”

In a recent interview, Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors confirmed the true goals of her Communist movement when she said, “Trump is not fit for office. And so what we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out.” The real goal of the BLM, however, is much bigger than Trump. It is the conversion of the US to a Communist country. A video from 2015 shows Cullors saying that she and her fellow organizer Alicia Garza are “trained Marxists”. She was the protégé of Eric Mann, former agitator of the Weather Underground domestic-terror organization, and spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology that shaped her worldview.

One of the goals of Black Lives Matter (BLM) is to oust President Trump from the White House, the group’s founder has admitted.

Speaking during a CNN interview last weekend, BLM founder Patrisse Cullors confirmed the true “goals” of the far-left group.

Cullors told “The Lead” host Jake Tapper that simply voting President Trump out in November will not be enough as he must be forced “resign” immediately.

“Well, I’m hands down – Trump not only needs to not be in office in November but he should resign now,” Cullors told Tapper. “Trump needs to be out of office. He is not fit for office. And so what we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out.”

“While we’re also going to continue to push and pressure vice president Joe Biden around his policies and relationship to policing and criminalization,” Cullors added. “That’s going to be important. But our goal is to get Trump out.”

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White Allies Paint Whip Marks on Their Backs and Carry “Cracker for Sale” Signs

Charleston, South Carolina: White allies, identified as Stand As One, were hoping to impress the Black Live Matter mob by carrying “Cracker for sale” signs and painted whip marks on their backs. BLM was not impressed and told them to leave the demonstration.

Last week, Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy became apologetic after a dozen Chick-fil-A restaurants in Atlanta were vandalized when a photograph was posted on social media of a Chick-fil-A worker wearing a shirt that read, “Back the Blue”, which was not a reference to police, but to a local football team. Mr. Cathy shined the shoes of Christian rapper Lecrae in a good faith act of atonement for white sins and he said that Caucasians are shameful unless they pick up the baton and fight for our black, African-American brothers and sisters. Earlier this month in Cary, North Carolina, white cops and community members knelt before two black faith leaders and washed their feet after a Unity Walk while offering a prayer of repentance for the sins of racism. -GEG

White Allies dressed as slaves complete with whip marks on their backs at a protest Monday in Charleston, South Carolina.

The white allies carried “Cracker for sale” signs hoping to impress the BLM mob.

This is the insanity of the left.
There are no words for this insanity.

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Candace Owens Snaps Back After Congressman Tries to Smear Her

Political commentator Candace Owens testified during a House Hearing about hate speech, and Congressman Ted Lieu tried to smear her with a quote taken out of content about Hitler and nationalism. She says it shows how desperate leftists and Democrats have become to continue their false narrative. She says Democrats use racism, sexism and anti-Semitism as themes to go after their political opponents and they want black people to believe in the myth of systemic white supremacy in America. -GEG