NY Mayor de Blasio Refuses to Call National Guard After Looting and Cop Beatings

New York deployed 8,000 police on Monday, and they were overwhelmed. Thousands of looters took the streets after dark and hit places all over the city. Governor Cuomo threatened to take over for de Blasio if the Mayor cannot control the violence and looting, but state troops have not yet been called. Over 700 looters were arrested, but more than 400 were immediately released without bail. [As stated in a previous report, it appears that city and state leaders have ordered police to stand down to encourage as much violence and destruction as possible to eventually justify martial law, which is the end game for ending America as a free nation.] -GEG

What a fool.
On Monday night looters and thugs beat police officers and looted the premier stores in Manhattan including Macy’s Department Store.

On Tuesday New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters he would not bring in the National Guard to protect the people and businesses of New York City.

Mayor de Blasio: We do not need nor do we think it’s wise for the National Guard to be in New York City, nor any armed forces.

Except the armed looters.

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Tucker Carlson Excoriates Weak Leaders Who Allowed Our Cities to Burn

Tucker Carlson excoriated local mayors, governors, and President Trump for failing to take action to stop the riots and looting. In many cases, leadership sided with the destroyers. American citizens now are left to defend themselves. Trump has threatened to deploy US troops in states where local leaders refuse to take action.

This report includes an eye-opening collection of videos showing incredible violence and police failure to act. We congratulate Tucker for his indignation and call to action, but it is disappointing and frustrating that neither he nor anyone else sees what is right in our faces: The police stand down is not weakness but part of the plan to encourage sufficient violence and chaos to justify martial law, which is the end game for the globalist planners.

Calling for stronger police and/or military response is exactly what the enemies of America want. Rather than calling for martial law, why don’t commentators and the President himself call for putting the organizers of these riots into prison NOW? Why do they never discuss who is funding and busing and training these rioters. Can’t people see that they are professionals, not protesters? The source of funding and strategy is George Soros and the Deep State itself. Why does Trump say: ‘Poor Mr. Soros. Leave him alone. He has enough problems as it is” – An exact quote taken from one of his campaign rallies prior to his election. Wake up! Stop calling for martial law and start calling for striking at the root of the problem. There probably are less than fifty top organizers involved in all of this tragedy. Lock them up, stop the funding, and the street theater will close. -GEG

US on the Brink of Martial Law as Officials Use ‘Contact Tracing’ to Track Rioters

Spiro Skouras explains how America is being destroyed by design as rioters in many cities either overwhelm the police or police stand down and allow the chaos. Trump has ordered the Pentagon to prepare the US military to deploy domestically inside the US. As the violence escalates, people will welcome the military. Attorney General Bill Barr said that these protests are an organized attack on America. Minnesota is using ‘contact tracing’ techniques to track rioters – and then everybody. -GEG

Riots Spread to Major Cities Across the US

Here is a list of examples of organized, violent protests in major US cities following the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minnesota. 

Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was fired from his job, along with the other three officers that were present when George Floyd died while pinned, and Chauvin was charged with murder in the third degree. Both Chauvin and Floyd worked as security for the El Nuevo Rodeo night club. 3rd-degree murder is a crime committed without premeditation or intent to kill. Protesters burned down a Minneapolis police precinct building. Video shows police driving past protesters and randomly spraying them with pepper spray. It is unknown why the police and fire department stood down and why the National Guard was not deployed. [It is as though the police, by their inaction against the those who looted and destroyed and their random spraying of those who were not looting or destroying, were trying to escalate anger and violence.]
video:  https://youtu.be/PlJhnPt1V88?t=1
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was asked if he was aware of rumors that white supremacists had joined some of the looting, and he said, “My suspicious and what I’ve seen on this, yes.” [White supremacists and Black Lives Matter working side-by-side looting stores? But wait!, isn’t this supposed to be about racism?]
A semi-truck drove into a crowd marching to protest the death of George Floyd on a portion of I-35 that had been closed off earlier in the day in Minneapolis, Minnesota, late Sunday afternoon.
Louisville: Breonna Taylor, a black woman, was shot eight times in March when three officers entered her Kentucky apartment by force to serve a search warrant in a narcotics investigation. The department said the officers announced themselves and returned gunfire from her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Taylor’s mother said the officers didn’t knock at all. This led to protests and riots and charges of racism.
Seven civilians were shot on Thursday, and one is in critical condition. Police reported that the shots were fired within the crowd, not from police.
Rioters set Nashville City Hall on fire. Nashville Mayor John Cooper issued an executive order declaring a state of civil emergency and a curfew for 10 pm, and Governor Bill Lee authorized use of the National Guard. Wesley Somers, a 25-year old white man, was arrested and charged with felony arson, vandalism, & disorderly conduct. [There is no evidence from the news reports that the police did anything to prevent the demonstrators from smashing windows and torching the City Hall. Once again, it appears there is a master directive to stand down and do everything possible to allow organized agitators and agent provocateurs to fan the flames of sufficient violence and destruction to justify martial law.]
Louisville: Police and the National Guard were sent to break up a crowd in the parking lot of Dino’s Food Mart and were trying to disperse the crowds when someone opened fire on them. Soldiers and police took cover behind vehicles and returned fire. St. Louis business owner David McAtee was fatally shot.
St. Louis, Missouri: On Friday, protesters shut down a highway, a FedEx truck was attacked, and someone in the crowd said that people had guns. The FedEx truck drove finally drove away but someone who had been climbing between the two trailers was thrown down died from his injuries.
video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1aSOp5U5Aw
St. Louis: A man who was shot and killed outside a north St. Louis pawn shop Tuesday morning was identified as retired St. Louis city police captain, David Dorn, 77. The shop was also looted.
San Jose, California: Protesters blocked traffic and antagonized people in an SUV that turned around and struck at least two people demonstrating in the street.
Protesters attacked at least 11 LAPD cars and set some of them on fire. Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti set a curfew at 8 pm and called in the National Guard. Rioters descended on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and defaced high-end stores with graffiti on Saturday.
Bakersfield: Black Lives Matter protesters were blocking a street when a driver decided to just plow ahead and not risk getting pulled out of his car by a mob.
Oakland: Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Protective Services Officer Dave Patrick Underwood was murdered Friday night, after he was fatally shot while protecting a courthouse during the anti-police riots.
New York:
Protesters set NYPD cars on fire in Union Square on Saturday. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was vandalized with Black Lives Matter and anti-police graffiti. -GEG
Two sisters have been arrested after a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a NYPD van with four officers inside. The device did not explode.
Washington State:
Seattle: Protesters set police vehicles on fire after officers deployed flash bangs and pepper-sprayed rioters who appeared to have attempted to breach police lines.
Rioters and looters hit Bellevue, Washington, home to Microsoft and Amazon on Sunday. Security guards at a mall were reportedly assaulted, one hit with a tire iron, as the rioters stormed stores and helped themselves to the merchandise.

Seattle: Rioters broke into police vehicles and stole the rifles from inside the cars on Saturday night, then at least one of them started firing the rifle at vehicles. An armed security guard in the area protecting a news crew disarmed the rioter. Dramatic video captured the moment the guard ran towards an armed rioter with his pistol drawn and ordered the suspect to drop the gun.

Portland rioters attacked federal and county courthouses and smashed more windows and started more fires. Police used flash bangs and tear gas to disperse the crowds. Mayor Ted Wheeler is up for re-election, and the powerful downtown Portland Business Alliance may support a new mayoral candidate.
Salt Lake City: A man, identified as Brandon McCormick, claimed he was attacked for shouting “all lives matter,” but video shows that protesters swarmed over him when he pointed his bow and arrow at them.
video:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgwxvhcxTlc
Washington, DC:
For the past several days, protesters at the White House continued to tear down temporary barricades while throwing fireworks, bottles, and rocks. The White House was under lockdown over the weekend, and protesters spray painted graffitti on the walls of the federal building.
The Washington Times reported, “The entire Washington, D.C., National Guard – roughly 1,700 soldiers – is being called in to help with the response to protests outside the White House and elsewhere in the nation’s capital, according to two Defense Department officials.” Many outlets reported that President Trump has been taken to the underground bunker, leaked by someone in the administration.
Antifa was reported to be the arsonists behind the burning of St. John’s Episcopalian Church.
Rochester, New York police released security camera video of the savage attack on a woman by Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs who were trying to break in and loot a store in her building. Police also released screen images of some of the suspects and asked the public’s help in identifying them.
In Chicago, a police officer was dragged through the street on Saturday.
Video:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ6OQAJFrR8
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued a state of emergency and activated 500 National Guard troops “to protect people & property in Atlanta” at the request of Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who had issued an earlier appeal for calm in the city. But violent demonstrations continued, including outside CNN’s headquarters, which was vandalized.
Video:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4Ck-Voys8Q
Ohio protests for George Floyd turned violent after demonstrators smashed windows at the Ohio Statehouse and police sprayed protesters with pepper spray.
Video:        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD75mF5cMlc
Boston: Violent confrontations and looting led to an SUV plowing through a crowd of protesters. Police used rubber bullets and tear gas on the crowd. The Natioonal Guard has been called in.
Two Birmingham reporters were attacked during a livestream report on Facebook Sunday night. One was hit in the back of the head with a bottle and had his wallet stolen, the other was punched and jumped by at least two men while a woman reporter was giving a report.
Violent leftists torched a Confederate Museum in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday night. The leftist protesters desecrated Confederate statues of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee.
Dallas: Rioters were filmed savagely beating a white man in the street while shouting racial epithets on Saturday night. A witness wrote that he man tried to defend a shop, using a sword, from rioters who beat him with a skateboard and stoned him with medium sized rocks.

California Sheriff Backtracks on Threat to Arrest or Fine People for Failing to Wear Mask

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said that everyone must cover their faces when they are outside their homes, and that the order is enforceable by fine, imprisonment, or both. But then he stated that his office was not establishing a police state nor has martial law had been invoked.

Authorities in San Diego County and Los Angeles County fined people last weekend, April 2-5, for not complying with stay-home orders.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s announcement that his deputies would roll up anyone seen without a face mask must have sent more than a few people to the dictionary to look up “police state” or “martial law.”

But have no fear. Sheriff Chad Bianco assured viewers of his recorded message (see below) on this “valid order … enforceable by fine, imprisonment, or both,” that he was not establishing a police state nor has martial law had been invoked.

Oh. Thanks for clearing that up.

“…I need to make it perfectly clear to all residents of Riverside County. We will not be setting up any kind of police state and this is not a declaration of martial law in Riverside County. Deputies will not be stopping vehicles or setting up checkpoints for motorists. We will not be stopping you while on a walk with your kids or while you’re out running or hiking. You will not be stopped and ticketed simply because you’re not wearing a mask. The purpose of this order and the [Health Department] doctor’s intent, is to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19.”

The sheriff went on to explain that otherwise healthy people can transmit the highly contagious disease to more vulnerable people.

KTLA says it’s the healthy people who need to change their behavior:

“While more and more Riverside County residents are getting COVID-19, not everybody’s getting the message,” county Public Health Director Dr. Cameron Kaiser said in a statement Saturday. “It started with staying home, social distance and covering your face. But now we change from saying that you should to saying that you must.”

Riverside County, California’s fourth most populous county, has been particularly hard hit by COVID-19. A nursing home full of COVID-19 patients had to be evacuated Wednesday after employees failed to show up for two straight days to take care of them. Two sheriffs deputies have died of the disease.

The order to wear masks is in effect until April 30.

Models of real-time numbers show California’s coronavirus cases to be fewer than projected as well as the need for ventilators and hospital rooms. But that’s with people observing social distancing rules.

KTLA says the sheriff says he doesn’t want anyone snitching on people by calling 9-1-1.

“While this order does have potential criminal and civil consequences, that is the last thing I want to happen while we deal with this crisis,” he said.

“The next two or three weeks are going to be very trying times for your first responders and our medical personnel,” he said.

As of Monday, nearly 950 cases had been confirmed in the county. A total of 25 people had died from the disease, while another 60 had fully recovered.

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San Diego Police Issue Citations to People Parked in Their Cars Near the Beach For Violating ‘Social Distancing’ Order (VIDEO)

California County Closes ALL Golf Courses, Whether Public or PRIVATE Until June 19 Due to Coronavirus – Violators Face Prison and or Hefty Fines

Food Banks Overwhelmed As America’s “Working Poor” Go Hungry During Lockdown

The lockdown across most of the US has put labor markets in free fall and forced millions of people out of work – and with that comes hunger. Food banks in major cities are overwhelmed. In just two weeks, ten-million people claimed unemployment benefits. Many adults in the US have heavy debt, no savings, and lack sufficient funds to pay their recurring bills for three months. [After hunger and loss of utilities, come riots. Then martial law. Do you think those who called the lockdown don’t know this?]  -GEG

America is crashing into a depression. In just two weeks, 10 million people have claimed unemployment benefits. This has put unprecedented stress on food bank networks across the country, a new investigation via The Guardian shows.

The US labor market is in free fall – the increasing lockdowns across major US metropolitan areas have forced millions of people out of work and into a hunger crisis.

The Guardian shows demand for food aid in some regions of the country has surged eightfold in recent weeks as RealInvestmentAdvice.com’s Lance Roberts warns the unemployment rates in the US could spike to levels not seen since the “Great Depression,” or about 15-20% in the second quarter.

The National Guard has been deployed for a variety of reasons: One is to support local area hospital systems, another is to maintain social order, and now soldiers in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Phoenix have supported food banks to ensure shortages do not materialize, mostly because that would trigger social unrest among the working poor.

“I’ve been in this business over 30 years, and nothing compares to what we’re seeing now. Not even when the steel mills closed down did we see increased demand like this,” said Sheila Christopher, director of Hunger-Free Pennsylvania, which represents 18 food banks across 67 counties.

The Guardian provides a snapshot of the unprecedented demand hitting food banks:

  • In Amherst, home to the University of Massachusetts’ largest campus, the pantry distributed 849% more food in March compared with the previous year. The second-largest increase in western Massachusetts was 748% at the Pittsfield Salvation Army pantry.
  • The Grace Klein community food pantry in Jefferson county, which has the largest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Alabama, provided 5,076 individuals with food boxes last week – a 90% increase on the previous week.
  • In southern Arizona, demand has doubled, with pantries supplying groceries to 4,000 households every day – double the number supplied in March 2019. “We saw an increase during the federal government shutdown but nothing as rapid, massive or overwhelming as this,” said Michael McDonald, CEO of the Community Food Bank of South Arizona.

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Martial Law? Massive Number of Tanks Transported By Trains Across California

Photos and videos of armored military vehicles being transported by train through Southern California started popping up online with claims that the sight was related to the governor deploying the National Guard in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Officials took to Twitter and claimed it was only routine movement and that the National Guard has not been officially mobilized. Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted in January 2017 that there would be a “surprise outbreak” challenging the Trump administration. [We are posting these videos of military train movements to document the truth of the reports, but please be aware that some of the comments heard on these videos do not represent our viepoint.] -GEG

After photos and videos of armored military vehicles being moved through Southern California started popping up online with claims that the sight was related to the coronavirus pandemic, officials took to Twitter to quash the rumors and explain it was only routine movement.

The images showed hundreds of tank-like vehicles being hauled on a train over the past week, with some social media users tying the movement to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s deployment of the California National Guard to assist with COVID-19 aid efforts.

But the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department explained on Tuesday that “tanks on train cars” are not related to the state’s efforts to fight the pandemic. The vehicles appear to be Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

“Just our brave service members moving equipment… There is no reason to be alarmed,” the Sheriff’s Department said.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva have both emphasized that the National Guard troops haven’t officially been mobilized in the county — and that any help they provide would be humanitarian in nature.

That includes helping distribute supplies at food banks and assisting with transporting patients, according to the sheriff.

“Any logistical movements at Port Hueneme and Naval Air Station Point Mugu are just routine in nature to keep America’s deployed forces ready,” Naval Base Ventura County said Tuesday in a tweet accompanied by photos of the tanks on the train.

Naval Base Ventura County said it “continues to support the Department of Defense in routine air and port operations.”

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5,500 National Guard Troops Deployed in 32 States Over Coronavirus Outbreak

US: The deployment of 5,500 National Guard is said to help clean and disinfect public spaces, assist at medical testing facilities, support Emergency Operations Centers, provide logistic support and personal protective equipment training, and sample collection. Unspoken is the obvious fact that the soldiers also can be used to enforce quarantines and, if necessary, martial law. -GEG

Nearly 5,500 Air and Army National Guard troops have been deployed in 32 states because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The deployment is said to be to help clean and disinfect public spaces, assist at medical testing facilities, support Emergency Operations Centers, provide logistic support and personal protective equipment training and sample collection.

“National Guard members work and live in every community across the nation and have a proven track record of success supporting civilian authorities after homeland emergencies,” spokesperson for the National Guard told The Hill.

The Hill reports that when asked if the White House could federalize the Guard to respond to the illness, National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Joseph Lengyel told reporters that President Trump could do so if desired, but that such a move “would not make sense in this situation.”

“Every state has a different way to deal with disasters. If you were to federalize [the Guard], you would lose that ability,” he said.

The US now has an emergency declaration in every state, territory and the District of Columbia.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom has deployed the state’s National Guard to assist at food banks. He has said that he will be using them for both humanitarian and public safety needs.

Mississippi is using their National Guard to distribute supplies and possibly helping to set up and support drive-thru COVID-19 screening facilities.

General Joseph Lengyel, Chief of the National Guard, took to social media to combat rumors of martial law or a nationwide lockdown, tweeting “I hear unfounded rumors about #NationalGuard troops supporting a nationwide quarantine. Let me be clear: There has been no such discussion.”

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Martial-Law Lockdown in France: Citizens Must Fill Out a Form Every Time They Leave Their Home

The coronavirus lockdown in France requires citizens to ‘show their papers’. They are required to have a form with their name, date of birth, address, and an explanation of why they are on the street. Travel to a workplace is allowed but only if individuals can prove they cannot work from home. Those without paperwork have to complete it on the spot and face fines if found lying about their activities. 100,000 extra police have been deployed to patrol streets and enforce the lockdown. -GEG

The coronavirus lockdown in France literally forces citizens to ‘show their papers’; They have to fill out a form explaining why they are outside and present it to police.

A translation of the form posted online shows how citizens have to provide their name, date of birth, address and declare their reason for leaving quarantine.

Travel to a workplace is allowed, but only if the individual can prove they don’t have the capacity to work from home.

Other reasons include purchasing “essential necessities in authorized establishments” (how this can be proven is unknown), visiting family for “compelling reasons,” assisting vulnerable people and traveling for medical reasons.

There also appears to be an exemption for exercise so long as it takes place locally and not with groups of people.

Videos posted online show people being stopped by police and asked to explain their reason for being outside. Those without paperwork have to fill it in on the spot and face fines of up to $148 if caught lying about their activities.

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President Trump Says He Wants to Unite America “Without a Major Event”

While dining with TV reporters, President Trump said: “I would love to be able to bring back our country into a great form of unity,” Then he added: “Without a major event where people pull together, that’s hard to do. But I would like to do it without that major event, because usually that major event is not a good thing.” [He is referring to an event like Pearl Harbor or 9/11. We agree with him wholeheartedly, but it is unnerving that a major event that is “not a good thing” is still on the table as his second choice.  One can only wonder if the President has been briefed on the possibility of another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 with the result that he would have no choice, as the nation’s leader, but to establish the kind of unity that comes with public fear and martial law.  From the perspective of the Deep State, Trump would be the ideal person for that task, because his supporters, who might vigorously object to such action administered by someone like Hillary Clinton, would meekly accept it if administered by him.  Now we know that this possibility is on his mind.] -GEG

Hours before his first State of the Union, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wants to unite the country amid “tremendous divisiveness” and hopes he can do so without a traumatic event affecting Americans.

Trump spoke about creating a more united country during a lunch with a number of television news anchors. Trump said the United States has long been divided, including during the impeachment of former president Bill Clinton. Trump also said that Americans usually come together during times of suffering.

“I would love to be able to bring back our country into a great form of unity,” Trump said. “Without a major event where people pull together, that’s hard to do. But I would like to do it without that major event because usually that major event is not a good thing.”

The president also said the country’s divisions date back to both Republican and Democratic administrations, citing the scandals that led to Clinton’s impeachment by the House in 1998.

“I want to see our country united. I want to bring our country back from a tremendous divisiveness, which has taken place not just over one year, over many years, including the Bush years, not just Obama.” he said.

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Short Course on Communist Takeover of the United States

This is a recently discovered excerpt from G. Edward Griffin’s 1984 interview with KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who explains the four stages of communist strategy for taking over the U.S. from within. It is sobering to realize that stage three is almost complete. Stage Four is martial law from which there is no escape. Americans are running out of time to take the Red Pill. -GEG​

“Out of Control Genocide” in Baltimore, Residents Want Martial Law

Baltimore has the highest homicide rate in the United States.  As usual, authorities are blaming the violence and crime on income inequality and poverty. Drug use (financed by welfare), the media narrative of entitlements, and lack of law enforcement are not considered. Business and residents are leaving in droves because they are not protected against looting or vandalism. More than 100,000 African Americans have ​no saved money and live from day to day.  46,800 homes are vacant, which is ​almost 16% of the housing stock.  Earlier this year, Mayor Catherine Pugh,  called in the Federal Government in hopes to restore order.  Most people are looking forward to martial law. {Study this scenario carefully. It is the model that is planned for all America.] -GEG​

While in Baltimore City, Maryland, death and despair are a few things that are plentiful as the region descends into chaos. Deindustrialization coupled with depopulation started in the 1960s stripping the city of economic wealth. Many don’t want to admit, the city is shrinking as their looking glass is clouded with Kevin Plank’s gentrification narrative.

Wealth inequality in the area is some of the widest in the United States with more than 100,000 African Americans with zero dollars to their name, according to JPM. Baltimore is a skeleton of what it once was many decades ago when it had its industries.

Now, 46,800 homes are vacant– almost 16% of the housing stock as citizens are either leaving the area or being pushed into multi-family complexes by the city. Neighborhoods are rotting away as the local economy crumbles giving way to a surge in homicides. Baltimore is on track for the worse year ever with a homicide rate the highest in the United States.

altimore is home to about 615,000 people, but the city has more homicides than New York or Los Angeles, both of which have far larger populations. Earlier this year, Mayor Catherine Pugh called in the Federal Government in hopes to restore order. She was even quoted, “violence in the city is out of control”…

With the police department hemorrhaging officers, local community organized groups have taken to the streets in attempt to slow the momentum of out of control homicides.

The movement is called Baltimore Ceasefire and the group has held two weekend city-wide ceasefire campaigns of “Nobody Kill Anybody”… Both ceasefires have failed.

According to WSJ,

Most murder victims are African-American men, and shootings happen largely in areas where residents live surrounded by poverty, unemployment, drug addiction and crime, city police records show.

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