Internet Shutdowns: The New Authoritarian Weapon-of-Choice

September 5, 2021 Protocol 1

Over the last decade, governments worldwide have intentionally shut down the internet at least 850 times, with a whopping 90% of those shutdowns taking place over just the last five years. As more people go online, governments see it as a threat and seek more control.


James Clapper Admitted that the US Meddled in Foreign Elections and the Overthrow of Regimes

June 4, 2018 ZeroHedge 1

Former head of US Intelligence James Clapper just admitted that the United States “tried to manipulate or influence elections or even overturned governments,” because the US was looking out for the “best interests” of the citizens of those countries. This statement is directly at odds with the moral high ground claimed by President Obama and other US officials on the topic of Russian election meddling. US leaders have a history of destroying and pillaging, and then leaving the mess behind in their wake.


France: Right Wing Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Will Compete In Runoff Election. Both Main Parties Failed, Changing The Political Balance.

April 23, 2017 Cortney O'Brien, Townhall 0

France: Right-wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, who is anti-immigration, won 22% of the vote, while progressive candidate Emmanuel Macron received 24%, The runoff election will be held May 7. Le Pen warned voters that France’s survival is at stake. This could completely re-structure the political system, because neither of the old-line parties made it to the second round.


Could The Netherlands Be Overthrown By 400K Turkish Immigrants Living There?

March 14, 2017 Stefan Molyneux 2

The Netherlands has banned rallies by Turks living there who are conducting political campaigns for an election in Turkey. There are 5.5-million Turks living in Europe, and many of them are allowed to vote in their homeland elections. Consequently, Turkish President Erdogan has been sending his agents abroad to garner those votes – but the Dutch want no part of it. Leaders in The Netherlands are worried that Turkish voters in their country, who are divided on support for Erdogan, will clash with each other and cast an unfavorable light on immigration. In response to the ban on Turkish political rallies in Holland, the Turkish government has threatened the Dutch government with sanctions and has theorized that The Netherlands army of 48,000 soldiers could not prevail against 400,000 Turkish immigrants.