Ireland Padded Its COVID Case Numbers

November 2, 2021 Leo Varadkar 1

Ireland counted suspected cases even when there wasn’t a laboratory test confirming the patient had Covid, and patients with underlying conditions were counted. If somebody had stage four cancer and was in a nursing home, and was suspected of having Covid, but didn’t test positive for it, they counted it as Covid.


UK: Data Suggest Most COVID Hospitalizations are for Other Ailments

August 1, 2021 UK Sun 1

Figures show only 44% of the 780 patients tested positive at the time of admission, while the rest were eventually diagnosed with Covid through required routine testing. The data suggests that the majority of patients were admitted for other reasons, but were counted as Covid hospitalizations, and inflated the numbers.


Half of Those Diagnosed with COVID-19 Have Been Vaccinated

July 20, 2021 We Love Trump 1

UK: Vaccinated people, who have taken at least one dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine, make up 47% of new cases of COVID-19, according to a symptom-tracking app. The media claims that vaccines still work, but admit that “millions will still be vulnerable to infection even after getting both doses.”