Mexican Scientist Develops Cure for Human Papilloma Virus. Bankers Admit There’s No Money in Curing People

Mexico: Researcher Dr. Eva Ramón Gallegos has found a cure for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) using photodynamic therapy, a treatment that uses photosensitizing drugs along with light to kill cancer cells and pathogenic cells. HPV, the main cause behind cervical cancer, is reported to be the second leading cause of death among Mexican women. Dr. Gallegos’ photodynamic therapy to eradicate HPV is a financial threat to Merck, the pharmaceutical giant that manufactures the Gardasil vaccine. In 2018, Merck made $3.15 billion from its Gardasil vaccine for HPV, and they are now offering it in China, so profits are set to skyrocket.

Last year, an article by Goldman Sachs in a biotech research report considered whether curing patients was a sustainable business model. The investment firm prioritized the stability of the franchise over people’s health and strategized which illnesses would be the most lucrative to treat.

News sources
from Mexico are reporting that a researcher from National Polytecnic
Institute has developed a cure for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Using photodynamic therapy,
Dr. Eva Ramón Gallegos has been able to completely eradicate HPV in 29
patients. She has studied the effects of photodynamic therapy for 20
years, and has reportedly treated 420 patients with the therapy.

As a non-invasive procedure, it is said to be an effective method to
prevent malignant neoplasm, which is the second leading cause of death
among Mexican women.

Dr. Gallegos also explained that:

besides eradicating HPV, the main cause behind cervical
cancer, photodynamic therapy is also used to eliminate premalignant
lesions of cervical cancer in its first stages.

The results of her work show that she was able to eradicate HPV in
100% of the patients who had the virus but had no premalignant lesions,
64.3% in women with HPV and lesions, and 57.2% in women who had lesions
but don’t have HPV. (Source)

Good News for HPV Sufferers – Bad News for Merck and the Gardasil Vaccine

While this is good news for those suffering from HPV, the chances
that this therapy will become available in the U.S. are slim to none.
More than likely, this will become another therapy that is effective in
treatment, but banned by the FDA.

The FDA, funded in great part by licensing fees from pharmaceutical
companies, does not have a good track record in allowing any kind of
natural cures that threaten pharmaceutical products, particularly
natural cancer cures.

If anything, this discovery may increase the amount of “medical
tourism” to Mexico, where many people flock to receive non-FDA approved
treatments every year, especially for cancer.

Dr. Gallegos and her photodynamic therapy to eradicate HPV will, of
course, become a huge financial threat to Merck, the pharmaceutical
giant that manufactures the Gardasil vaccine, the world’s #1 HPV

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